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Assisted Living Care Can Be Made Easy

For many of us the time is here to helpour aging parents or family members when it becomes difficult for themto manage on their own. Organizing our own family can be somewhat of achallenge at times and the additional responsibility of our helping ouraging parents can be overwhelming. However, no one says you have tocarry the responsibility all alone. As working parents with children,we are faced with new stresses to balance work and family. Families whoare separated by great distances must make hard choices to provide care.Sometimes nursing homes or special care retirement centers seem to bethe only options. You do have a choice and Visiting Angels can help.These options are to provide in-home assisted living care for your lovedones without sacrificing their independence. Visiting Angels canprovide assisted living care in the home.

The services that are provided throughassisted living care providers have been enhanced over the years. Theseservices have changed from providing only medical support to providingtotal in-home assisted living care for the elderly. It is no longernecessary to have the simplest tasks postponed or left undone becauseyou were not able to find the time to assist yourself. In-homeassisted living care providers can help with simple tasks on a daily,weekly or at need basis.

Assisted living care providers areprofessionally trained and well screened non-medical caregivers.Assisted living care services range from simple companion care to dailychores like meal assistance, hygiene assistance, light housekeeping,medicine monitoring, and errand transportation to name a few. The bestthing about assisted living care services is that you are in control andthrough open communication can easily monitor services provided.Assisted living care caregivers are available on a regular schedule oron demand given a short lead time.

The reality of caring for our loved onesis that it can be overwhelming at times and we don’t have to go italone. The cost of in-home assisted living care is far more affordablecompared to an assisted living facility. Visiting Angels is thefamily alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Bio: Linda Dunkelberger is afreelance writer and editor. “Assisted Living Care Can Be Made Easy”describes in-home assisted living care providers that can help within-home elderly care. Visiting Angels is the nation’s most trusted namein assisted living care giving and coast to coast care. For moreinformation visit us at

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