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Does Your Loved One Need Elder Care Services?

When your parents, loved ones, or olderrelatives begin to need constant care, it can be both saddening andoverwhelming. This article discusses how elder care services make adifference in aiding family caregivers provide help for loved ones inneed of assistance. Elder care services encompass a broad range ofservices; personal care for elderly friends, relatives, and loved onesas well as housekeeping duties, day care, and meal preparation as well.Approximately 16% of the population is currently over the age of 65 andare in need of help when it comes to bathing, dressing, grooming, anddietary services. However, much of elder care is needed on asupplementary basis, as the majority (80%) of the elderly and seniorcitizens live with other family members or loved ones.

Elder care services are particularlynecessary when seniors suffer from medical conditions. Among the mostcommon medical ailments that affect an elderly individual’s day-to-dayactivities include forms of dementia (such as Alzheimer’s), Parkinson’sdisease, heart related diseases and recovery from heart treatments,vision problems, and diabetes as well. These illnesses and the varyingdegrees of severity pose challenges for not only the elderly who sufferthem but the caregivers who provide treatment and support. Asmentioned, the majority of elderly individuals choose to live in thecomfort of their own homes or with their loved ones. Elder careservices provide the resources and support necessary for them to do so.

Even if your elderly relatives or lovedones are fortunate enough to have their health, elder care can still bean option for support. But how do you know when it’s time to provideyour loved ones with assistance, especially if they aren’t going to askfor it?

Signs Your Loved One is in Needof Elder Care Services or Assistance:

  • Does your relative, friend, or family member lose track of what they’re saying mid conversation? I.e. the names of their children, grandchildren, or the year or date?
  • Has their spouse or close friend recently passed away?
  • Have you noticed a decline in their personal hygiene?
  • Have you observed a significant change in their weight?
  • Do they neglect to clean or repair their home?
  • Even though they’re still mobile, is there never any food in the house?
  • Do they sometimes forget to take their medication, or fail to take it regularly?

It’s important to consider getting help for your elderly loved ones when they can be involved in the process, as joint decisions are generally more thoughtful and respectful to a senior’s dignity. Remember that moving your loved one out of their house and home isn’t always the best option, and elder care services provide assistance better suited to their needs. Elder care services aid seniors with the daily activities mentioned above, allowing them to remain the security of their own home with some necessary assistance to improve their quality of life.

Bio: Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Visitng Angels, the nation's leading, network of non-medical, private duty home care agencies providing senior care, elder care, personal care, respite care and companion care to help the elderly and adults continue to live in their homes across America. Visit the Visiting Angels website to find out more information on Elder Care programs.

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