Hospice Care vs Elderly Care Services

When deciding on the best care for our loved ones during difficult times, there are a lot of options available. One question that you may be faced with is “What’s the difference between Hospice Care and Elderly Care?”

While both of them go hand in hand, they serve different roles and both are necessary to make the lives of our loved ones more comfortable and fulfilling. So how are they different?

Hospice Care Is For The Terminally Ill

For an individual to be qualified for hospice care, they must have a terminal illness and generally be expected to live six months or less. While hospice care can be extended if the individual makes it longer than expected, they may eventually no longer qualify for hospice care if they get better and continue to see an improvement.

Elderly care services from Visiting Angels on the other hand, can be scheduled freely without needing a diagnosis for any terminal illness. Since we are not medical based, our focus is to provide the optimal care for your loved ones with no consideration being given for how long they have left to live.

Medical Versus Non-Medical

Hospice care is generally prescribed by a doctor, aiming to reduce the pain and suffering of a terminally ill individual during the final stages of a serious illness by providing medical care. The focus is on alleviating their pain and minimizing any suffering.

Elderly care services from Visiting Angels is non-medical and is focused on providing assistance with daily activities which the patient might have a hard time doing by themselves, such as taking a bath, preparing meals, cleaning the home and other personal care.


While hospice care providers will be on call 24/7 for emergencies, they are generally not going to stay with you every day. Instead, they will visit as needed to provide the necessary medical assistance.

Elderly caregivers from Visiting Angels can stay in the patient’s home for as long as they want, anytime of the day, to assist in everyday living and provide the best care possible while keeping the patient happy and comfortable.


A hospice care provider will visit their clients to dispense medications and attend to their medical needs, but they are mostly focused on your physical well being.

With elderly care services from Visiting Angels, we give our clients the chance to build much-needed companionship by letting our caregivers stay, by request, any time of the day. Our care givers will listen to their patients, share stories and provide help and emotional support. We go beyond basic care to provide companionship that make the patient’s life more fulfilling.

Both Aim to Improve Quality of Life

While hospice care and elderly care from Visiting Angels provide different types of care, they share a common goal: to improve the patient’s quality of life and to make their remaining time as fulfilling as possible.

Hospice care and elderly care can work together hand in hand. Hospice care handles the medical aspect of the patient, and elderly care assists with daily needs and companionship. Both work together to help the patient live their lives to the fullest for as long as they can.

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