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Challenges Of Communication With Parkinson’s in St Peters, MO

You are probably very familiar with the effects of Parkinson’s if your loved one suffers from it. Two of the most common symptoms are compulsory trembling and deteriorating gait. Although the physical effects can be rather severe, the area that most affects you and your family members is communication. It is possible to better communicate with your loved one if you know what to expect. Visiting Angels St Peters Home Care Services will provide you with information that can help break the communications barrier.

Parkinson’s is an individualistic disease, varying from person to person. The one area that is most commonly affected among sufferers is speech. Speech can be more rapid than normal and a stutter may develop.

Nonverbal communication such as hand gestures and facial expressions will basically be obsolete to your loved one. This is a large portion of communication, but you need to learn to communicate without it. Not only will body language be an issue, but your words will as well. Your loved one may have great difficulty paying attention and comprehending in conversation.

You can protect your close relationship with your loved one by changing your behavior to better accommodate him or her through home care. Start by giving your full attention to the conversation and making strong eye contact throughout. Try to have the conversation while sitting down and face-to-face. Don’t complicate things with complex language. Make things easy to follow and refer to your loved one by their name and avoid switching subject abruptly and ask yes or no questions. Give your loved one time to respond instead of interrupting. It may be difficult for him or her to verbalize thoughts so it may require some patience while he or she works through it.

Parkinson’s can be very burdensome and deal a major blow to the relationship between you and your loved one. If you think this may be the case, you might want to consider looking into home care. This way a caregiver can make home visits and relieve some tension.

Some other options include speech and occupational therapy. Seeing a speech pathologist is something that should be done after diagnosis to check to see if your loved one’s speech or swallowing has been affected. Occupational therapy can help improve handwriting and allow your loved one to use electronic devices still.

Parkinson’s doesn’t just wane on your loved one, but you as well. Make sure you are getting the proper  home care support to keep you enthused and upbeat. Visiting Angels St Peters Home Care Services allow your loved one feel safe and comfortable in their own home through our companion care.

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