Abingdon MD Caregiver of the Month

August 2016

Terri Dickens is the Caregiver of the Month of August. Terri stepped up in a very difficult situation providing, not only Visiting Angels Top Quality Care, but also the necessary feedback to Visiting Angels, in order to ensure the safety and health of the Care Recipient. Please join me in applauding Terri for her efforts and great representation of what it means to be a Visiting Angel!

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. It is noticed and greatly appreciated! Perhaps next month, will be YOU!


July 2016

Simbiat Jaiyeola is the Caregiver of the Month for July. Simbiat has been remarkably responsive and flexible in working with our office. Her willingness to take cases, regardless of length of schedule, or travel time, have made her the Shining Halo of the Month!!! Congratulations Simbiat


June 2016

Lamar Hopkins is the Caregiver of the Month for June. The dedication, flexibility and watchful caring eye that Lamar has shown, has gone a long way to better serve our community and to represent Visiting Angels in a way that makes our name almost literal! Thank you Lamar, and thank you all Caregivers for your hard work, I hope to one day write about all of you!


May 2016

Sweetdy Kangar is the Caregiver of the month for May. Sweetdy has continued time and again to demonstrate flexibility in schedule and is always happy to accept the call for work during what seems like any hour. On top of being reliable to answer the call, Sweetdy has received constant positive feedback from both Care Recipients and Clients both. Thank you Sweetdy for your hard work and desire, Way to Go!!


April 2016

Henrietta Diabe is a caregiver that has taken a great leap with Visiting Angels. One example of above and beyond normal duties was her willingness to accept a case outside of our normally populated area. At a drop of a hat Henrietta changed her schedule to help meet the needs of the Care Recipient and the agency. As for being a team player, she exceeds expectations. Henrietta has demonstrated a key quality of excellent caregiving, and that is putting the Care Recipient and their needs 1st! Thank you again for being a Visiting Angel Henrietta!


March 2016

Nancy Neilson is the Caregiver of the month for March. Her dedication to the Care Recipient and meeting the needs of the Client family has been not only recognized by our agency but vocalized numerous times from the Care Recipient. Nancy has been instrumental to health of the Care Recipient as well by aiding in numerous trips to many appointments! Thank you Nancy for your hard work and wonderful representation of Visiting Angels!



Holly DeShazo is the Caregiver of the month this month for February. Holly has been there during many emergencies when a Caregiver is unable to attend a shift for any reason. Through this loyalty to the agency, and making sure that the Care Recipients are receiving the care they have requested from Visiting Angels, Holly has earned this month’s title. Holly will be receiving a $25 gift card for this achievement, way to go Holly!


January 2016

Tammy Roehrich is the Caregiver of the Month for January and has won 2 movie tickets to the Regal Movie Theatre in Abingdon!

Tammy has been extremely flexible in the past with her schedule, as well as Mother Nature’s! Whether it is filling in for a caregiver that needs to take off, adjusting the hours with her current care recipients, or bunkering down with them for a good old fashioned 2 feet of BLIZZARD! Yes, brave Tammy spent the weekend during the 2016 Blizzard with our Client making sure that they were well attended to during the harsh storm. For this specific, as well as Tammy’s overall positive attitude and dedication are the reasons that Tammy Roehrich is the CAREGIVER of the MONTH!
Please join in congratulating Tammy!

December 2015

Patricia Ives has been a true team player since becoming a Visiting Angel. Between her willingness and ability to assist fellow teammates, in cases of scheduling conflicts. Patricia always lends a personal touch with her care recipients and their family members, who most certainly take notice. Building trusting relationships with those care recipients and clients, has them making her feel right at home. Patricia has gone above and beyond in several circumstances, for instance, on one occasion, taking the care recipient to the hospital while not on the clock. This act, done out of the kindness of her heart, and the above and beyond attitude has locked up Patricia Ives as the CAREGIVER of the MONTH!

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