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Senior Care in Northern Orange County

Senior Care in Northern Orange County

provider of senior care in Northern Orange County assisting elderly patient down stairs

Our Safety Tips For Seniors

Fall prevention becomes more and more important as our loved ones age. That's because health conditions, muscle loss, and other factors make it harder for seniors to stay mobile. For families in Northern Orange County, Visiting Angels® Anaheim doesn't just provide senior care services. We also provide fall prevention and other support to the clients we serve.  

Being proactive about safety can help seniors remain aging in place for longer. It can also help them navigate around the house with greater independence and ease. If you have a family member living at home, let's review how you can improve overall safety. 

How To Get Started With Home Safety in Northern Orange County 

For families in Northern Orange County, it can be daunting to approach home safety if you don't know where to start. Here's what we recommend: 

  • Do a walkthrough. We often step around clutter and other potential obstacles without thinking twice. That gets harder as we get older. Potential safety hazards aren't always self-evident, for you or for your loved one. Walk through the house with them, seeing where they struggle or which areas are more precarious. This can give you a good starting point when introducing new accessibility features. 
  • Start with small things. You don't have to start with costly upgrades to the home. Instead, small changes can have a big impact. Poor visibility makes houses much more dangerous. Think about adding more lighting, or simply changing out existing bulbs for bright LEDs. Removing any clutter built up on the floor or tables can also help. Move often-used items so they're always within easy reach of your loved one. 
  • Incorporate bigger changes. Once you've incorporated the small stuff, think about what other changes might help. Entry stairs may need repairing so they're not cracked. If railings are loose or unsturdy, it's a great opportunity to replace those with something stronger. If your loved one in the Northern Orange County area is struggling in the bathroom, grab bars may help. This may be a good time to discuss senior care services as well.  

Trusted Senior Care Services When You Need Them 

Having the care and attention of a senior care professional can have a profound impact for your loved one—and for you, too. With Visiting Angels Anaheim, you can access care in: 

  • Northern Orange County
  • Orange
  • Anaheim
  • Santa Ana
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you need to set up senior care in Northern Orange County, we're here for you. Call Visiting Angels Anaheim, and we'll take it from there. 

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