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3 Summer Safety Concerns for Seniors and Elderly

summer safety tips for seniors

We look forward to summer time when we can enjoy the good weather with family and friends. However, for the elderly and seniors, the summer heat can be dangerous if proper precaution is not observed. While our bodies naturally strives to maintain normal temperatures in the summer, it is still important to observe extra precaution against excessive heat.

The following are some basic summer safety tips for elderly living alone and the summer heat and the elderly:

Drink plenty of Fluids

The most effective way to stay cool, in summer is to remain hydrated. The elderly are more prone to dehydration as they their fluid retention rate decreases with age. It is therefore vital to ensure that the seniors and elderly consume sufficient fluids to keep their body temperature regulated.

To avoid dehydration, make sure that your senior loved ones have a bottle of water at hand whether they are indoors or outdoors.  Avoid giving them caffeinated or alcoholic drinks as they promote dehydration. Pure water and fruit juices are ideal for the elderly and seniors during summer.

Maintain a Cool Environment

Another important summer safety tips for adults is to always maintain a cool environment.  Keep the window drapes or blinds closed to avoid excess sunlight getting into the house. The air conditioner should always be on, to ensure the temperatures remain cool inside the house. In the evening, you may open the windows to let in some cool fresh air. Should the summer heat become too much, you may consider using additional cooling equipment such as a fan.

Protect the Skin

The summer heat can be very dangerous especially to the skin. The elderly should, therefore get minimum exposure to direct sunlight. Most importantly, make sure that your senior loved ones apply proper sunscreen throughout the summer period. When they are outdoors, umbrellas and hats can be used to shield them from excessive heat.

In Conclusion

Summer heat is the primary cause of many heat related illnesses for the elderly. If you have a senior loved one living alone, it is important to ensure that they take proper precaution against the summer heat. Also, be sure to look out for signs of heat related conditions and seek prompt medical attention.

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