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5 Key Elements To Healthy Heart Attack Post Op Care

Recovering from a heart attack doesn’t mean you have to be cooped up in the hospital for weeks, in fact, in home postoperative care from a heart attack can be provided through your local Visiting Angels in the Asheville area.

What are the 5 important aspects of post op care for a heart attack?

Know the warning signs - it’s important to know the warning signs of a heart attack once you have gone through one. And most importantly, the people around you - your family and friends need to know the signs of a heart attack so they can act quickly if the signs are showing. 

Follow your medical plan and medication plan - When you are discharged from the hospital they will give you a medical recovery plan and certain medication that will help you recover more quickly - it’s critical to stay on the plan!  Tracking pills and meals can be tough, and that’s where Visiting Angels can help with a caregiver in home to help track pill management and meal prep.

Lifestyle changes - Your doctor may outline several lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to stay healthy - whether it’s more exercise, less smoking, or meal changes, they are all important in helping you recover quickly.  Sometimes elderly parents are reluctant to make changes and it takes a careful conversation with them to bring about change.  Visiting Angels can help with those conversations and ensure that the changes are being made.

A cardiac rehab program - consider signing up for a cardiac rehab program at your local hospital or doctors office - they only last about 12 weeks and generally can be 2-3 hours per week.  These cardiac rehab programs offer a great deal of opportunity for you or your loved one’s hear to regain its strength.  

Communication with your health care team and family - it’s important for you and everyone around you to be on the same page with your health care plan.  Ensuring that everyone knows the plan and timeline for recovery will lead to better accountability and visibility around the needs that should be met for a quick recovery!

A heart attack is tough, for you and family members and sometimes you need a little extra help around the house - if you know someone that could use more help to speed their recovery, contact Visiting Angels in Asheville, NC and we’ll set up home assessment to determine the care needs.

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