Asheville Senior Care

Caregivers in the Asheville Area: Fletcher, Hendersonville, Waynesville, Weaverville

The population of America is rapidly aging as the huge Baby Boom population enters its golden years. Families are increasingly faced with the difficult situation of how best to care for elderly or disabled loved ones who require a caregiver to help them with the everyday activities of life. Demand is growing for trained and experienced homecare providers to assist the elderly and disabled in living an independent and dignified life in their own homes, and a group of dedicated professionals has risen to the challenge. Visiting Angels has become a leader in the home healthcare field in North Carolina, serving clients in the Asheville metro area and surrounding areas including Waynesville, Fletcher, Weaverville, and Hendersonville. They’ve earned a reputation for providing quality caregivers and guidance to those in need of assistance.

Why Hire A Home Caregiver?

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that as people age they have difficulty with mobility, sight, hearing, and other activities. They often need assistance with things like daily chores, getting dressed, bathing, preparing their meals, medication reminders, and running errands. Often their families are unable to be there for them because of work and school demands but are hesitant to place their loved ones in a nursing facility. It’s a highly stressful and emotional choice. That’s where home health care services like Visiting Angels come in.


Studies have shown time and again that the elderly and disabled lead happier and healthier lives when they can stay in a familiar environment. Moving out of their own home can be very traumatic and lead to depression and other health issues. A trained caregiver is the right solution for many families, helping the elderly and disabled to lead fulfilling lives in their own or a loved one’s home. They can provide relief and peace of mind for the individual and their families.

Things To Look For In A Caregiving Service

When you’re seeking assistance for your elderly or disabled loved one, of course you want the very best care available. Hiring an individual caregiver can be a time-consuming and uncertain process. Sometimes you only need a caregiver for a short time, such as when a patient comes home from the hospital after a procedure. A professional service like Visiting Angels will assess the needs of your loved one and assign a trained and experienced caregiver that can provide for the specific requirements of the patient, with the right skills and personality and the ability to be there when you need them. They have many years of experience providing care in a variety of situations.


Visiting Angels selects their caregivers after doing background and training checks and handles all the details of employment so you don’t have to—relieving you of the stress and worry of hiring a caregiver. And there is liability to consider—for example, if a caregiver gets sick, Visiting Angels can replace the person in a matter of days. And if an independent caregiver gets injured on the job, and the right insurance is not in place, this can become an expensive situation for your loved one. Again, using an agency like Visiting Angels helps cover unfortunate situations like these. Make sure any agency you consider can make a similar promise!

The Cost Of Caregiving

Visiting Angels offers affordable hourly rates for caregiving for those who prefer to pay out of pocket, often less expensive than the cost of residential care. They also have a care coordinator who can work with you to determine if insurance or Medicare can help to pay for the costs. Quality care is always within your reach.


If you’re considering home health care for a loved one in the Asheville, Waynesville, Fletcher, Weaverville, or Hendersonville area, contact Visiting Angels today at 828-665-3944 for a free and confidential consultation.

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