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Caring for an elderly loved one in a different state

As your parents age, you may find that they are living in a different state or city than you, which can make it difficult to care for them at the level that you want. Checking in on your loved ones on short notice can be difficult and you might find yourself needing extra help.  We often find that elderly loved ones need extra attention to ensure that they are eating often and taking their medication. During the winter and summer months, ensuring proper hydration and comfort is important.


How do you care for a parent that lives in a different state?

We recommend starting with scheduling regular visits – this allows you to plan ahead and make your own personal schedule fit around visiting your parents. It also provides some consistency for your parents so that they know when you are coming to visit. Whether it’s a weekly visit or monthly visit, your visits with them are important as they grow older.  We find that some of the most thoughtful conversations with parents happen as they grow older, don’t miss out on these opportunities!

Check in remotely – We know that grandparents and even parents are notorious for not knowing how to use a phone, but you may surprise yourself by empowering a loved one with technology.  Video chatting with Facetime or Skype can be a great way to check-in with them. Seeing their face and the current condition can tell you a lot about how well they are feeling and taking care of themselves.  If you notice that they need extra help around the house or that their living conditions are deteriorating, this can be a good time to discuss a weekly or a few days per week caregiver visit.

Send surprises and gifts when they least expect it - Share photos, share stories, pop in unexpectedly a few times to surprise them.  They will love the extra attention and love.

Working with a senior care provider like Visiting Angels of Western North Carolina located in Asheville, NC and serving surrounding areas of Waynesville, Weaverville, Black Mountain and Hendersonville, can provide some piece of mind for you and an extra help for your parents.  Both of your parents might need help or maybe one will need regular respite time.

For couples, we find that it can often be dangerous for one person to be taking care of another person when there is a fall risk. Regular check-ins can determine whether a couple is safe to take care of each other or whether they need more support around their home. For help around the house, an In-Home Aide can be there to help and provide safety supervision.  Additionally, a professional caregiver visiting their home 2-3x per week for a few hours can give you extra eyes and ears regarding how well your loved ones are doing. 

We know that you want to be there for your parents but living in a different state or city means that you may need extra help. We, at Visiting Angels of Western North Carolina can help you care for your love one and keep you informed of the health and wellbeing of loved ones. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can provide the extra level of care that you desire for your parents.  Visiting Angels: 828-665-3944.

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