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Get Help After a Surgery with Respite Care

No one wants to go under the knife. Surgery is a frightening experience, even under the best of circumstances. Fortunately, the outcome is almost never as bad as our fears! Practically speaking, the biggest question in the aftermath of a surgical procedure is how to achieve a quick, easy recovery.

Respite care provides in-home care for someone needing a little help after surgery. At Visiting Angels, we help family members with other obligations to take care of their loved ones at home, in a relaxed and healthy manner, or provide necessary assistance for those who are accustomed to independent living. This includes care after surgery. 

We offer a wide variety of services for those recuperating from surgery, including cooking, feeding, bathing, companionship and more. 

Cleaning: Caregivers will tackle the nitty-gritty of your keeping your home spotless. A clean, antiseptic environment is crucial for preventing infections, and keeping things tidy creates an atmosphere conducive to recovery.  We make sure your household remains in top form as you focus on becoming healthy again. 

Cooking: Your doctor’s dietary orders might seem difficult, but we make it easy by helping with all of your food and beverage needs. Our Caregiver can assist you in ordering and preparing meals in line with your doctor’s recommendations. Proper nutrition is of the utmost importance to proper healing. With respite care, you don’t have to worry about getting the right kind of food. 

Bathing: We can help with bathing and showering to make sure you, or your loved one, stays clean. It’s so easy to skip this important part of the recuperation process when there’s no one to help, and yet it’s truly essential. With in-home respite care, the unpleasant task of bathing oneself becomes a pampered experience!

Companion care: Simple companionship is often the most important factor in a fast recovery. When we are alone, the hours drag by, and there can be a tendency to dwell on what’s wrong. Having someone to talk and joke with, to share stories, or have an enlightening conversation… there is just no substitute for human companionship when we’re going through a difficult time. At Visiting Angels, we provide trained, quality companion care to those in need. 

There is really no substitute for the attentive, professional assistance provided by expert respite care. And you’ll be surprised how affordable hiring an in-home respite could be.

So the next time someone you care about needs surgery, call Visiting Angels for the best respite care available. With free consultations available, there’s no reason not to reach out. We are here to help you get better, fast! 
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