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Ten Kitchen Safety Gadgets for Seniors and In-Home Caregivers in Bethesda, MD and Nearby Areas

Worried about your loved one staying safe in the kitchen? These gadgets make meal prep and other tasks easier and safer for seniors and in-home caregivers in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Colesville, Laurel and surrounding cities in Maryland

In-home accidents can happen no matter how much you try to ensure your senior loved ones are safe. Many mishaps take place in the kitchen because of factors like sharp utensils, hot stove burners, slippery floors and chemicals used for cleaning.

Seniors who live independently may be more vulnerable to kitchen-related mishaps. Normal aging changes such as decreased coordination, muscle loss, poor vision and memory lapses can compromise safety and lead to accidents and injuries. At Visiting Angels of Bethesda, our in-home caregivers help seniors in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties stay safe by encouraging them to use these ten kitchen gadgets and assisting them with tasks in the kitchen and around the house.

Ten Kitchen Safety Tools Your Senior Should Use Every Day

  • Cut-resistant gloves and finger protectors

Protect fingers from nicks and cuts while chopping, slicing, and dicing meats and vegetables.

  • Safety cutting boards

The rubber surface prevents sliding and rounded edges stop a knife from straying. Sanitize the cutting board used for raw meat with a bleach solution; thoroughly wash and dry all cutting boards to prevent bacteria growth.

  • Knife-free vegetable choppers

After washing and peeling vegetables, place them inside the chopper and press down on the top for a perfect cut.

  • Electric can and jar openers

Arthritis, Parkinson’s and similar conditions can prevent some seniors from gripping and opening jars. Electric openers can minimize painful gripping and twisting and lower the risk of cuts from a sharp can lid.

  • Electric and easy-pour kettles

Electric kettles help prevent burns by heating water without a hot surface. With easy-pour kettles which are on a stand, users simply tip the kettle directly into a mug—no need to pick up the kettle.

  • Clip-on strainers

Clip the strainer onto a pan and pour the water out into the sink--no need to hold the strainer in place with one hand and aim with the other.

  • Kitchen timers

These gadgets can alert an inattentive cook to the roast they left in the oven or the pasta that’s about to finish boiling. Timers are especially useful for older adults prone to memory lapses because of Alzheimer’s and similar conditions.

  • Automatic shutoff stoves and ovens

Ovens and stoves with automatic shutoff can help prevent overcooked food and fires in the kitchen. Separate automatic shut off devices can be added to stoves without them.

  • Oven rack guards

Made from heat-resistant material, guards can help prevent accidental contact burns. Clip them onto the front of the oven rack to prevent a hand or arm from touching the hot rack.

  • Anti-fatigue, nonslip kitchen floor mats

For seniors who like to cook, anti-fatigue, nonslip kitchen mats reduce pressure on their feet, knees and lower back and provide a nonslip surface to stand on.

How Can In-Home Caregivers from Visiting Angels of Bethesda Help My Loved One?

Your loved one may need more comprehensive assistance around the house. At Visiting Angels of Bethesda, our in-home caregivers can serve as a watchful eye and another set of hands to help with cooking, light housekeeping, running errands and personal care.

The safety and security of seniors in Bethesda, Aspen Hill, Silver Spring and surrounding communities is our primary concern. Take advantage of our free in-home safety assessment at your convenience. Our in-home caregivers will tailor services to your loved one’s specific safety concerns and challenges.

If you’d like to learn how caregivers from Visiting Angels of Bethesda can help your senior loved one, call us at 301-433-7237.

Serving Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, MD, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Colesville and Laurel

Visiting Angels BETHESDA, MD
4803 St. Elmo Ave 2nd Floor
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Phone: 301-433-7237

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Serving Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, MD, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Aspen Hill, Colesville and Laurel

Visiting Angels BETHESDA, MD
4803 St. Elmo Ave 2nd Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-433-7237