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Does Your Loved One Suffer from Night Blindness? Our Eldercare Services Discuss

Your mother or father may have noticed problems with their vision at night. Bright lights may be blinding and they may find themselves disoriented when they drive. Sometimes their vision may go completely blank. Visiting Angels eldercare services want you to know that night blindness is dangerous. Your loved one isn’t just in danger of hurting themselves, but the people around them. If your loved one is beginning to have trouble with their eyesight at night, it may be time to look into night blindness.

Night blindness can come from many sources. One reason is the development of cataracts. These cloudy formations in the lens of the eye block out light and prevent the eye from capturing clear images. Brighter daytime light can help compensate for this, but at night your loved one’s cataracts will create the biggest issues. If your loved one has cataracts and wants to continue to drive, they may be able to undergo cataract surgery. This removes or reduces cataracts, which helps your mom or dad keep their eyesight.

The most common cause of night blindness is diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy starts off as blood vessels in the eye become damaged and break due to the effects of diabetes. Vessels can then leak blood and other fluids into the eye. More advanced versions of these disease involve new blood vessels growing in the eye. These fluids and growths in the eyeball lead to symptoms like blurred vision or seeing floaters. Much like with cataracts, bright light can help compensate for the symptoms of diabetic retinopathy, but at night your loved one may not be able to see well at all. Cloudy vision can also turn individual lights (like car headlamps) into bright blurs, making navigation on the road difficult.

Other causes of night blindness, such as medication side-effects, may also be to blame. It’s important to detect signs of night blindness early, and consult with a medical professional to determine its cause. Your loved one may find that their solution is as easy as updating their glasses prescription, but in some cases they may need surgery or look into a change in diet & lifestyle. Don’t hesitate if you are concerned about night blindness – the safety of your loved one is important!

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