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Elder Care Experts Share Best Ways to Get Your Loved One Prepared For The Cold Weather

December is right around the corner, and you know what that means - snow, cold temperatures and potential illnesses lurking in the air. For many seniors that live in colder climates, winter is second nature. But it never hurts to prepare as much as possible. According to the National Institute on Aging, older adults actually lose body heat faster than they did when they were young. Because of this, it is especially critical to remind your elderly loved ones about ways they can get prepared for the plunging temperatures. Here are some of the best tips for preparing for cold weather, according to elder care experts.

Making sure you’re staying warm inside

It’s obvious that you need to keep warmth in mind when you’re outside battling the elements. But elder care experts stress that you should also keep focused on warmth when you’re inside your home as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re making sure the temperature of your house is safe for winter.

  • Set your heat to whatever temperature you feel comfortable. 68-70 degrees is pretty typical. If you’re worried about the heating bill, keep doors closed in rooms that you aren’t using every day.
  • Though some say that drinking alcohol can make them feel warmer, experts advise you to not drink to excess. Alcohol can actually cause you to lose body heat.
  • Make sure you have a plan if the power goes out. Being prepared for emergencies of all kinds is essential, but it is especially crucial in the winter to have a preparedness plan should you lose the ability to heat your home.
  • Make sure your pantry is stocked up with items that you need in case a storm forces you to stay inside for a few days. Take a mental inventory of the things that you can’t go without for a few days and be sure to pick up extras next time you’re at the store.

Outside is another beast -- here’s how to fight it

In many cities across America, December - March means one thing: snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures. Elder care experts go to great lengths to stress the importance of staying vigilant when it comes to going outside in the winter. Here are some tips for making sure you or your loved ones are safe this winter.

  • Always check the weather before leaving the house. If the report says it’s going to be extra windy or icy, consider postponing your errand til a safer time. If you absolutely have to go out in bad weather, make sure you layer your clothing and wear hats, gloves and a scarf on top of your normal winter parka.
  • If you drive, make sure you have emergency supplies in the trunk. Elder care experts are adamant about warning winter drivers to have a plan ready if their car runs out of gas or gets stuck. As temperatures plunge and drivers have no access to heat, it can quickly become a dangerous situation.
  • Elder care experts say to keep some food, blankets, warm clothes and water in your trunk can help you should you get into a situation like this. 
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