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Elderly Fall Prevention: Spotting The Warning Signs in Auburn, NH

Due to a large quantity of age-related factors, seniors are at higher risk of suffering from a fall from most. Falls can lead to serious injuries, including hip fractures which dramatically reduces a senior’s life expectancy. A large part of fall prevention care is understanding the risks and signs that may lead to higher fall risk. This gives you the opportunity to be proactive about fall prevention care at the moment that you witness these signs.


            Monitoring for Warning Signs

            Seniors often have lower strength, weaker eyesight, and a weaker sense of balance, which all can contribute to higher fall risk. Also, seniors are more likely to take medications with symptoms that could elevate their fall risk.

            At Visiting Angels of Auburn, we recommend that you monitor your loved one to look for warning signs. You don’t have to constantly watch over your loved one. Although, it would be a good idea to look for signs that your loved one has higher fall risk or hazards within the home that could lead to a fall.


            Warning Signs and Risk Factors of Falls for Elderly Adults

            To prevent falls, you want to evaluate your loved one’s physical state and your loved one’s home. Some physical factors to watch out for are declining eyesight, change of hearing, muscle weakness or frailty, or cognitive decline and impairment.

            Some possible hazards within the home are hallways and walkways without adequate nighttime lighting, tile without non-slip tread, showers and bathtubs without non-slip tread, and wires or rugs that could be tripped over.

            Don’t wait for these risk factors to pile up before you take action. Just one of these risk factors can cause a debilitating fall. Being proactive is key.


            Fall Prevention Next Steps

            If you have noticed that your loved one is at higher risk for a fall, you may be wondering what’s next. Below are some tasks to consider to help protect your loved one with their fall prevention care:

  • Encourage healthy eating and physical exercise. Both will help your loved one regain their sense of balance.
  • If you see hazards within the home, get them out as soon as possible. Changes such as non-slip tread in the bathroom and nighttime lights in hallways can make a world of a difference.
  • Bring someone in to watch over your loved one. From family members to a professional caregiver, they can step in and help if anything goes wrong with your loved one when you’re not there.


            Learn more about fall prevention care by reading our Safe and Steady guide to elderly fall prevention or contacting the offices of Visiting Angels of Auburn.


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