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Handling Diabetes: Senior Care Experts Remind Your Parent It’s Not Just the Drug, It’s the Lifestyle Too!


When your parent is diagnosed with Type II diabetes not only will their doctor start them on a regimen of medication as well as testing their blood sugar, senior care experts will recommend making changes to their lifestyle beginning with nutrition and exercise. This is not to indicate that a senior care aide is going to prepare your mother or father to run marathons, however, they will encourage to get mom or dad moving more than they currently are. Their medical team will also aggressively review the various Type II diabetes drugs that will support and lower your mother or father’s blood sugar levels.

Per senior care, with Type II diabetes, your loved one may not need to take insulin. The issue is their body is not using insulin properly. Some individuals can control this disease with eating nutritionally. However, it gets increasingly more difficult for senior citizens and their aging bodies. If your mom or dad begins with diet modifications upon diagnosis, they most likely will be placed on medication to control their insulin at a future date. Pharmaceutical companies have made advancements in the various Type II drugs, and they now come in different forms from one a day pills to one a day injections. There are also patches as well as weekly pen injections for simple personal use.

Other precautions that your parent must be aware of as a Type II diabetic is that it is crucial to maintaining their dental care. Gum disease and plaque can develop into an infection in the bloodstream and cause a more critical situation in conjunction with chronic diabetes. Another area of concern in addition to the oral cavity are the toenails. Regular visits to the podiatrist should be scheduled through senior care to maintain proper foot care as well as having the toenails clipped professionally. An infection to the foot for a person with diabetes could cause a critical situation that should be avoided.

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