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Home Care Manchester, NH Professionals Explain How To Best Help Seniors During The Holidays

For most people, stress is already at a yearly high during the holiday season. Between scheduling, gifts and general party planning logistics, it can often be overwhelming for anyone during the holidays. But for seniors, this stress can be even more intense and can ultimately affect their overall health. According to the AARP, caregivers are especially susceptible to extra stress during the holiday season due to their need to take care of themselves, their family and the seniors they are responsible for. That being said, there are many things caregivers can do to help seniors during the holidays, say home care manchester experts. Here are just a few of the many ways you can make a positive impact on a senior this holiday season.

Helping out around the house

According to home care manchester professionals, one of the easiest ways you can help seniors out around the holidays is by helping them with everyday household tasks. If you need a few ideas, here are some great ways to get started:

  • Offer to rake leaves in the fall and shovel the snow during the winter
  • Setting up a Christmas tree or other holiday directions will put seniors in the holiday spirit and help them at the same time
  • Help stock up their fridge and pantry, especially if they live somewhere cold and will likely have trouble grocery shopping in the winter

Things you can do to help reduce their loneliness

Besides helping out with practical things around the house, caregivers can help seniors avoid loneliness during the holiday season, home care manchester experts say. The holidays are a triggering time for many people who deal with loneliness issues. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

  • Be a good listener, even when the topic they want to talk to you about is depressing. Being heard will make seniors feel less alone and will improve their overall mental health.
  • Cook their favorite foods more often than you normally do. Not being able to cook for yourself can further isolate you, care service experts say. Plus, cooking things they loved when they were younger will help evoke good memories through nostalgic therapy.
  • Ask some of your loved one’s friends if they’d be willing to attend a small gathering. Getting a group of friends together for an activity will make everyone feel a little less lonely during the holiday season.
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