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Home Care NH Discusses Dry Skin for Seniors

As we age, dry skin becomes more and more of a problem.Home care NH knows that skin can cause itching, which leads to scratching and overall discomfort. About 85% of seniors develop a “winter itch” in the colder months due to the combination of aging and dry indoor air. Today we are going to discuss the importance of treating dry skin, and how to do so.

As we age, our skin changes in a variety of ways. Our bodies produce less collagen and elastin, which causes it to loosen and sag. This increases the surface area of the skin, which leads to more evaporation. In addition, our bodies produce less hyaluronan over time, which leads to thinner and more fragile skin. Lastly, our sebaceous glands produce less oil over time, which allows water to escape more quickly. Altogether, these physiological changes contribute to the skin dryness issues that so many older adults have to deal with.

In most cases, home care NH recommends simple lifestyle changes to help your loved one avoid dry skin. Regularly applying skin cream allows your loved one to compensate for reduced oil production, which can keep their skin moisturized. Applying moisturizer soon after taking a bath or shower (within 3 minutes) is especially helpful.

Another good tip to avoid skin dryness is taking care when bathing. Your loved one and any personal care provider should avoid excessively hot showers and baths. Hot water is more likely to remove sebaceous oils, which exacerbates their already-low levels of production. In addition, your loved one should not excessively scrub their skin, and should use milder cleaners. Most cheap soap bars are “harsh” and more likely to remove natural oils. Home care NH recommends spending a little extra on some nicer soap. It can go a long way to helping your loved one’s skin stay soft and moisturized!

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