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How the Best Providers of Elder Care Services Define "Care"

How an elder care services provider defines care says a lot about their values and the services that they provide. At Visiting Angels of Auburn, how we define care is one of our favorite topics to discuss. We believe that care is complex, and needs to be looked at through four different lenses. They give us the ability to shift our definition of care for each of our clients in order to provide the best, personalized care that we can.

These four lenses are:

  • Customization
  • Assistance
  • Respect
  • Engagement


            Defining Care Our Way


            As a senior grows and changes, they require changes to their care as well. At Visiting Angels of Auburn, we personalize our care plans for each of our clients. In our care plans, we always keep the needs of the client in mind including their daily schedule, dietary needs, and personal preferences. This gives us the ability to change our care plans as time goes on. Through our personalized plans, we’re always focused on elevating our client’s quality of life and keeping a holistic view of care at the forefront.



            The quality of assistance available depends on the elder care services provider. Some just offer companion care and neglect other necessary realms of care, like personal care. Others will provide both companion care and personal care as well as additional specialty forms of care. As you begin to meet with providers, be sure to ask what services they provide and which ones won’t be included. Additionally, ask what elder care may be needed in the future and if that’s included as well.



            The best caregivers treat each of their clients with respect, compassion, and kindness. Some caregivers, and other providers in general don’t prioritize respect. This leads to them treating their clients like children or just like a checklist that they have to cross off.

            At Visiting Angels of Auburn, we not only focus on their physical health but their emotional and spiritual well-being as well. Through this sentiment, we understand the importance of respecting our clients.



            Engaging with the senior involved informing their families of any changes, maintaining social engagement, and monitoring the well-being of the elder care recipients. No matter how far away family members are, the best caregivers put forth an effort in keeping them informed. Additionally, we also offer respite to any family caregivers that may feel overwhelmed and we coordinate quality time for family members and their loved ones.


            If you’re interested in learning more about Visiting Angels of Auburn, contact their local offices at your earliest convenience.

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