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In Home Care Services Discuss the Difference Between Allergies and a Cold

Summer is all around us, and pollen is in the air. Your mother or father may have been suffering from itchy or watery eyes as a result. The coughing and sneezing you are hearing is not a cold, it’s seasonal allergies that they may be developing late in life. Even if your parent has never run into allergies before, a combination of immune system changes and more pollen in the air may be enough to cause discomfort. Remember that your mom or dad’s immune system is changing as they age, so what may not have been a health issue once before may be one now.

Our in home care services know that many of the particulates in the air can come from far away. For example, ragweed can travel as far as 400 miles, and one plant can produce one billion grains of pollen per season Ragweed is known to cause about half of all cases of pollen-induced nasal congestion. Are you sneezing yet?

Although ladybugs are considered good luck, in home care services want to let you know that ladybugs and many of their other six-legged cousins can lead to allergic reactions. Ladybugs, bees, butterflies, and other insects move from flower to flower gathering food. When they do this, flower pollen sticks to their legs and body, and some of that pollen comes off over time. Try to avoid areas that are popular with these summer insects. Just one or two bugs shouldn’t be harmful, though!

When allergies come on for the first time it’s common to suspect an out-of-season flu, but don’t count allergies out as a possibility! If your loved one has the flu, they should recover over time and they may see a variety of symptoms. On the other hand, reactions to summer allergens are usually persistent and similar day-to-day. In home care services can help you and your parent identify the difference between these, and our caregivers can also provide transportation to a doctor’s appointment if necessary.

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