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Reduce Risk of Falls with In-Home Care for Seniors

Falling is the number one cause of injury in older adults- in 2014, over 29 million Americans fell in their homes, leading to 7 million severe injuries. Older adults living in Hollis may feel that they are okay living on their own, but find that day to day tasks are particularly challenging. These challenges (including meal preparation, bathing, and general personal care) can often lead to falls, which can be more dangerous and painful for older adults due to weakening bone structure and joint and muscle damage. Many adults are looking towards in-home care for seniors because they know the very real dangers that a serious fall can come with.

What causes people to fall in their homes? The most common reason that in-home care for seniors cite for dangerous falls are wet or recently polished floors, especially that of a bathroom or kitchen. Even the smallest bit of water or oil spilled on the ground can quickly become a falling hazard, and many older adults who live alone are unable to regain their composure after slipping and falling. Reaching for items off high shelves is next on the list of falling hazards; older adults can lose their balance when attempting to grab something off the top of the refrigerator. Because this falling hazard is most often found in the kitchen, your loved one can also be at risk of cuts or burns as well as the fall. Finally, stairs are another common cause of falls; even if your loved one has a banister to maintain their balance going down stairs, they may still slip and fall. Stairs are a particularly dangerous hazard because they run the highest risk of inflicting additional injuries, like broken bones or torn muscles, during the fall. Many older Americans are afraid of falling on their stairs, and choose to avoid them. This can essentially leave your loved one trapped in a small section of their own home.

Older people are more likely to fall due to weakening bone health (in particular, osteoporosis), impairments in motor or vision functioning, and chronic illnesses that may cause them to feel dizzy or nauseous when standing, like low-blood pressure or heart disease.

Services that provide in-home care for seniors like Visiting Angels of Nashua, NH can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved one has someone to help assist them when they are living at home. Visiting Angels of Nashua can help ensure that your loved one has proper assistance with meal preparation, laundry, and other daily activities; this makes your loved one less prone to a dangerous fall in their home.

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