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Senior Care Experts Share Tips to Help Elderly Men & Women Prepare for Storms

It’s quite important for people of all ages to be prepared for nature’s most extreme weather events, but when it comes to senior citizens, being prepared can be a matter of life or death. According to FEMA, seniors “are more likely to have diminished awareness, health problems, access and functional needs and various other limitations.” Whether someone lives in the southeast, where they are constantly at risk of being involved in a hurricane, or if they live in the Midwest, where the chances of tornadoes during the summer is high, there are plenty of things seniors can do to protect themselves. Senior care experts share 3 tips on how to help elderly men and women prepare for storms.

Create an emergency plan

One of the easiest things you can do to help the elderly prepare for extreme storms is to create an emergency plan for them. Create a list of all medications and health information, and be sure to include phone numbers for any health care providers that a senior may have. Help devise a communication plan, and try to designate at least one locaseniol person to be an emergency contact. Additionally, creating a list contact information for any out of town friends and family can help senior care experts quickly contact anyone during an emergency. Make sure a trusted neighbor has a copy of your house key, and that they know to check up on you during a storm. Finally, be sure to review this emergency plan periodically to ensure that the information stays up to date.

Always make sure to be stocked up on medical supplies

A fully-stocked first aid kit is a great start, but consider making a larger-than-usual kit in case a storm lasts longer than expected. If a senior has prescription medication, help them make copies of all relevant doctor and dosage information, and try to get a 6-month supply on any medication that will allow for it. Any specific medical needs a senior has should be outlined in a document, along with an allergy list and medical tags.

Create a supply kit for your vehicle

Senior care experts agree that supply kits in your home are important during storms, but some storms will require you to evacuate. Because of this, it’s necessary to create and pack a supply kit that you or a loved one can store in their vehicle in case of evacuation. Some items to pack: extra maps, blankets, lots of water, jumper cables, flashlights, non-perishable foods and flares. If someone has special medical needs, be sure to pack extra supplies of medicine they need and to keep a list handy of all doctors and medications they are on. If they get stranded or have to stop somewhere for the night, having all of this information and these supplies in the vehicle will help immensely

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