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Senior Care Is A Family Issue - Just Ask Advanced Home Care Professionals

If you’ve been tasked with taking care of a senior that you’re related to, you already know that it’s typically a family issue when it comes to elder care. Whether you and your siblings are taking care of mom and dad, or you and your cousin are helping to take care of a beloved aunt, working together as a family is crucial. However, issues can arise as they can in any elder care situation. According to a study out of Berkeley University, “when a spouse is unavailable to provide elder care, the responsibility falls most commonly on an adult daughter.” Advanced home care experts say this can cause some family drama as women shouldn’t have to be primary caregivers just because of their gender. This is just one issue that can arise. Here are some things to remember when it comes to making sure your family unit is working together to care for the seniors in your lives.

Try to get on the same page from the start 

Advanced home care experts say one of the biggest issues they see with families as they attempt to care for seniors is not agreeing to the same approach. When it comes time to start talking about taking care of a loved one as a family, it’s important to talk in person about your goals, what the senior wants, and how to most effectively act as their advocate in the medical world. Try to have calm discussions and remind everyone that they’re all there for the same reason: to make sure that the family member is as comfortable and cared for as possible in their time of need.

Understand that parents might resist

Just because a senior might need help, they won’t always be on board with the plan that you come up with. Discuss with your family beforehand about what to do if your loved one is resistant to the treatment. Advanced home care experts say that it’s important to once again, all be on the same page when it comes to discussing this as a family.

Don’t have one person do all the work

Many families have someone in the family that is a sort of designated “leader.” This person might arrange family get togethers and host holidays. Advanced home care professionals warn against having this person do all the work when it comes to taking care of your family members who need help. Besides the fact that they can get burned out quickly, it just isn’t fair for all the burden to be on one person. 

Discuss money as soon as possible

Money is something that most families fight about at some point. Make sure to discuss money and how you will help split the cost of taking care of your loved one as soon as you’re able to in order to prevent tough discussions down the road.

Hopefully, these tips can serve as guiding principles as you begin your home care journey. Remember that preparedness can go a long way in reducing stress and strengthening your relationships!

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