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The Critical Role of Choice in Selecting an Elder Care Provider in Auburn

The most effective home care is care that designed specifically for the unique needs and requirements of the patient, with as much direct input from the patient as possible. This is especially true of elder care, as patients are often at a vulnerable point in their lives in which they require assistance, but must come to terms with relinquishing some degree of control and independence.

In this post, we will examine the importance of choice and customization in elder care – why it matters and how families can support their loved one’s choice in home care services.


Buy-in breeds success

The need for assistance and care should never be synonymous with a lack of choice or input.

While your loved one’s age, health or other contributing factors may put him or her in a position to require care and assistance, it is important to remember that they have opinions and preferences when it comes to their schedule and care. Respecting and considering your loved one’s opinion when determining home care will not only ensure that they are happy with the arrangement, it will make providing care easier for the caregiver.


Lay the foundation for success early and discuss the plan of care with your loved one. Specifically, discuss what he or she needs, what the ideal schedule looks like, and the different forms that sustainable, consistent care could take.


Choice equals independence

The latter years of life are difficult for many people. As the body ages, it becomes less mobile. Memory begins to fade and cognitive skills and functions diminish. In the midst of these changes, the elderly are permitted fewer and fewer choices in regard to their daily life and well-being.

It is at this juncture in life, when their independence is slowly evaporating, that it is critical that seniors have the opportunity to make choices regarding how and when their care will be provided. In addition to ensuring that the plan of care meets their needs and preferences, the ability to make choices related to the care plan is also beneficial for seniors’ mental health and emotional stability.


Customized care for quality outcomes

At Visiting Angels of Auburn, we understand the importance of customized elder care tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your loved one. We offer a free in-home consultation designed specifically to better understand his or her needs, schedule, likes and dislikes in order to develop a custom care plan that provides the necessary assistance, while respecting the senior’s independence. Contact us today to get started.

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