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The Important Cognitive Benefits of Socialization for Home Care

Though many of us know how important regular physical fitness can be as we age, not many people understand that staying socially active and keeping our minds sharp can be just as important. As your loved one ages, they may feel less and less energetic, and more inclined to stay in the house. However, spending time outside and with friends can help to reduce symptoms a variety of psychological and physical ailments. Home care services in Manchester already know the effects that just a little socialization can improve, including:

  • Physical activity. Senior citizens who regularly interacted with peers, including those already in their social groups or their home care helpers, show increased levels of physical activity, and thus are generally in better shape than their sedentary peers. This is because speaking with friends and family helps to energize us and make us feel more positive, which encourages more movement and activity. As most of us know, increased levels of physical activity are also positively correlated with better heart and immune health!
  • Reduced risk of mental illness. Our brains are a lot like our muscles- ether we use them, or we lose them. Seniors who are more socially active are at a lower risk of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and declines in cognitive functioning. This is because regular socialization forces us to activate parts and pathways of our brain that are associated with memory and fast thinking. Additionally, socialization helps to lower stress levels and decrease feelings of loneliness- two of the leading triggers of depression in older adults.
  • An improved social safety net. Aging can be difficult on both you and your loved one- feeling like they are part of a group and not aging alone can have major psychological benefits. When your loved one has access to peers that understand how they are feeling and what they’re going through, they will feel less lonely and more stable.

How can you help to encourage your loved one to remain social? The first step is ensuring that they are able to regularly interact with people outside of their immediate family- home care services like Visiting Angels of Auburn, NH can provide the first step to socialize. Your loved one may need assistance completing daily tasks, and a familiar face is sometimes all it takes to have your loved one feeling like they are not alone.

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