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Why is My Loved One Always Cold?

If you have an older parent, you may notice that he or she always seems to be cold. Even if they do not frequently complain about being perpetually chilly, you may feel that he or she always seems to be icy cold when you touch them. Health care services often find that one of the most commonly-reported concerns amongst those with older loved ones is abnormally low body temperature. If this describes your loved one, read on to learn a few of the most common causes of low body temperature in the elderly.


The most common cause of low body temperature amongst older populations is anemia. Anemia is usually caused by a lack of red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your body. One of the functions of red blood cells are to regulate temperature; if you have a lack of them, the result is usually a body temperature that's too cold. Some common symptoms of anemia include fatigue and shortness of breath, along with cold hands and feet.


Another common blood-related disease that can cause unusual fluctuations in body temperature is hypotension. Hypotension is the opposite of hypertension; it occurs when your blood pressure is too low. Like anemia, this causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, which can result in cold hands and feet, along with a lower body temperature. Health care services have found that the elderly are more likely to suffer from hypotension than younger people. Some common other symptoms of hypotension include nausea, dizziness upon standing, and even blurred vision in severe situations.

A Thyroid Disease

Health care services have found that thyroid illnesses are becoming more common in the elderly, and a consistent feeling of cold can signal a deeper issue that requires treatment form a medical professional. An autoimmune disease can affect the functioning of the thyroid, which can lead to an increased sensitivity to the cold. If your loved one has not been diagnosed with low blood pressure or anemia, your doctor may want to have your loved one see a specialist to rule out more serious causes of a chilly body.

No matter why your loved one always seems to be cold, it's important that your home care and health care services are informed of the issue. While they may not be able to remedy the situation medically, they can make your loved one feel more comfortable and warm in their home!

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