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Helping Seniors Keep a Sharp Mind

working with seniors to help keep a sharp mindOur memory naturally wanes as we travel through adulthood. Details we were once able to recollect no longer appear when called. The inability to remember plans and recent events is often a source of frustration for aging adults. Seniors can use the following tips to improve their brain function and memory.

1. Moderate exercise. Many senior are physically unable to take part in extended exercise sessions. However, simply walking around at least once day can increase oxygen flow to the brain and help seniors keep a sharp mind.

 2. Cook meals together. Cooking a meal at home is good for more than your stomach. The act of cooking requires planning, adapting and discernment, which in turn gives the mind a workout. 

 3. Spend time creating homemade art. Seniors who start a crafting hobby have been shown to keep a sharp mind well into old age. Constructing a picture frame out of popsicle sticks or forming a pot out of clay are examples of simple manual tasks that also encourages seniors to use their creative impulses.

 4. Play brain-teaser puzzles. Games such as Sudoku and crosswords are popular activities to pass the time at airports, but they also serve as a foundation for senior mental sharpness. These games test one’s mathematical abilities and memory, helping older adults exercise their mental muscles.

5. Get Social - Play Bridge. That’s right, playing bridge has been proven to help seniors sharpen their minds. Researchers have found that this mentally stimulating game has positive effects on the intellectual and social well-being of senior adults. According to a study by the University of California Berkeley, playing bridge stimulates the part of the brain that directly affects your immune system. The researchers say that mental stimulation of this sort leads to more positive social interactions and self-esteem, which in turn decreases the risk of depression and other illnesses.

Support and encouragement from family members can make it easier for seniors coping with memory loss. If your loved one is struggling with memory loss, consider enlisting the help of a caregiver from Visiting Angels. For information regarding our in home living assistance care, please call your local Visiting Angels office.


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