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Senior Care in Barnsdall

Senior Care in Barnsdall

For the essential care your loved one needs to thrive in their twilight years, turn to Visiting Angels® Bartlesville. We offer personalized senior care in Barnsdall and the surrounding areas, including Bartlesville, Nowata, Dewey, Ramona, and Skiatook. Though not a home health agency, we're proud to provide similar services to help our elderly clients age in place more comfortably. 

At Visiting Angels Bartlesville, we have deep ties to the greater Barnsdall community. Over the years, our caregivers have helped local families through some of their most difficult moments, providing essential care and peace of mind throughout. If you're worried about a family member's health, safety, and quality of life on their own, you can count on our care professionals. Not only does every member of our team care deeply about their clients, but each has undergone an in-depth vetting process — including a full background check.

Whether your loved one needs around-the-clock assistance or you need some time away from your caregiving role, we'll work with you and your family in Barnsdall to create a custom senior care plan. To ensure that your loved one never goes without the help they need, we offer home care 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 

About Our Senior Care in Barnsdall

What does our senior care in Barnsdall entail? The answer is different for every family. Depending on your loved one's particular challenges and needs, our care team can lend a hand with any of the following:

  • Bathing, using the restroom, and getting dressed
  • Buying groceries and preparing meals
  • Running miscellaneous errands
  • Covering family caregiver duties
  • Being there for company and companionship
  • Providing medication reminders
  • Doing basic housework
  • Walking and transferring between locations safely

Our Senior Care Process in Barnsdall

At Visiting Angels Bartlesville, we customize our senior care to every family we serve in the Barnsdall area. When you reach out to inquire about our home care services, we'll lead you and your family through the following steps:

  • The overview - During the initial call, we can go over our services, rates, and scheduling options. You can also share some details about your care scenario.
  • The in-home consultation - If you decide to move ahead, we'll set up a free consultation at your family member's home. At this stage, a Care Manager will speak with your loved one and other relatives involved to get a clearer sense of what your family needs. You can also ask further questions about our care.
  • Care plan creation - Based on our consultation, we can develop a custom senior care plan together that includes all the support your family needs. We can also establish a schedule that works best for everyone. Note that we can adjust this care plan any time if needed.
  • Caregiver meeting - To provide the greatest peace of mind, we can set up a meeting between you and the care professional we've chosen. If your family is comfortable with our choice, we can proceed with care. 

Our Essential Personal Care in Barsndall

Our personal care services are the backbone of our senior care in Barnsdall. These services include all the day-to-day support your loved one needs to maintain their comfort, health, and quality of life. Based on your relative's needs and limitations, our caregivers can help with any of the following:

  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Bathing and toileting
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Walking
  • Household chores
  • Groceries and errands

Alzheimer's Care and Dementia Care

If you're one of millions of family caregivers looking after a loved one with dementia, we can help. Our Alzheimer's care and dementia care services address the risks and challenges caused by confusion, memory loss, and various other symptoms.

We can keep your loved one on track with meals, medication, and appointments. Our care professionals can also establish a consistent routine that includes plenty of mental engagement.

Respite Care

Caregiving can test your physical, mental, and emotional endurance in many ways. However, running yourself ragged will only put your health at risk — and that of your loved one. It's best to take action before you reach the point of burnout. Our senior care in Barnsdall includes temporary respite care, so family caregivers, like you, can take a much-needed break. 

Companion Care and Social Care

Regular socialization is important for our mental and emotional health at any age. For seniors, though, it can grow increasingly difficult to see family and friends. Our caregivers can introduce more warmth and social engagement into your loved one's daily life, while also helping them master online tools to keep in touch with friends and family. 

Transitional Care 

To lower hospital re-admission rates among seniors, we offer transitional care through our Ready-Set-Go Home program. This includes in-hospital assistance and at-home care to help your loved one recover more easily. Our care professionals can confer with your loved one's medical team, ensure your loved one receives the right follow-up care, and generally support your family through it all. 

Fall Prevention Aid

Falls are a leading cause of injury among seniors, which makes fall prevention a key priority as we provide our senior care for families in the Barnsdall area. To help prevent an untimely slip, we can recommend fall-proofing measures for your loved one's home, identify and address their personal risk factors, and make walking assistance a part of their care plan. 

End of Life Care

If your loved one is nearing the end of their life, we can offer them the gift of greater comfort and calm. As well as easing your loved one's pain, our caregivers can establish a peaceful, loving atmosphere so your family can savor your time together.

Palliative Care

This form of senior care in Barnsdall is for clients with serious health conditions who are still receiving treatment. Our care professionals incorporate emotional, social, spiritual, and physical care to ease your loved one's discomfort and uplift your family through it all.

Get Started with Senior Care in Barnsdall Today

Every day, you do your best to help your loved one live as comfortably and independently as possible. At Visiting Angels Bartlesville, we can help.

Call (918) 333-7400 today to learn more about our senior care in Barnsdall and to book a free assessment with our team.

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