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The Importance of Vitamin D for Seniors in Benton, AR, and Nearby Areas

Adults over the age of 65 may experience a number of cognitive and physical changes as a result of aging. As people get older, they may experience a variety of health problems, such as a decline in muscle strength, bone density, immune function, and cognitive abilities. There are a lot of ways to help seniors keep up their strength and stay fit. Increasing their vitamin D intake may be useful, since this vitamin aids in the body's absorption of calcium and supports bone growth.

Some elderly people, however, may not be paying enough attention to their vitamin D intake. This is especially true for homebound seniors who don't spend a lot of time outside and for seniors who don't usually eat foods that are high in vitamin D.

Consider hiring a professional caregiver from Visiting Angels of Benton if you are concerned about your elderly loved one's health and vitamin D insufficiency. As part of our home care services, we provide clients with nutritious meals, help them remember to take their medications, and motivate them to add moderate exercise and fresh air into their daily routines. We have helped older adults in Alexander, Benton, Bryant, Mabelvale, and other areas in Arkansas age in place securely and comfortably for many years.

How a Vitamin D Deficiency Can Impact Seniors in and Around Benton

A lack of vitamin D may be harmful to a senior's health and wellbeing. Vitamin D insufficiency has been linked to the following health problems:

Weakened Immune System

Elderly people who don't get enough vitamin D are more likely to become ill from the flu and other common viruses. This may make it harder for them to recover from these diseases and may raise the probability that they will require hospitalization.

Increased Likelihood of Chronic Conditions

Vitamin D deficiency in the elderly has been linked to an increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It may also reduce the quality of life for seniors by making it harder for them to manage the symptoms of these illnesses.

Muscle and Bone Weakness

Lack of vitamin D may weaken muscles and bones in elderly adults since it aids in the absorption of calcium (which aids in the promotion of bone density). This may increase the risk of developing osteoporosis and render elderly people more vulnerable to serious injuries from falls.

Cognitive and Mental Health Issues

Seniors who get enough vitamin D not only retain their bone density but also have better emotional control and cognitive function. Depression and impaired cognitive function in the elderly have both been linked to insufficient vitamin D levels.

How Can Seniors in Benton and Nearby Areas Increase Their Vitamin D Levels?

It's easy for seniors in Alexander, Benton, Bryant, Mabelvale, and the surrounding areas to get more vitamin D by following these guidelines:

Eating Vitamin D-Rich Foods

Your elderly loved one will benefit from eating and drinking foods high in vitamin D. Cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, tuna, cow liver, cheese, and egg yolks are just a few of the natural dietary sources that contain vitamin D. Many common foods and drinks have been fortified with vitamin D, including milk, breakfast cereals, and fruit juices.

Spending Time in the Sun

Did you know that vitamin D is often commonly referred to as the "sunshine vitamin"? That's because getting some sun causes your body to make its own. In order to obtain enough direct sunshine on the arms and legs, the Cleveland Clinic suggests spending 15 to 20 minutes outdoors a few times. Getting enough direct sunlight is easy for seniors. Seniors may get enough vitamin D from spending time outside by doing something as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Dietary Supplements

Seniors who do not obtain enough vitamin D might supplement their diet to reach a healthy level. Studies show that the elderly who use these supplements greatly lower their chance of getting vitamin D deficiency-related disorders. Make sure your loved one is taking the correct dosage. Please check with your loved one's physician before giving them any supplements.

Sun Lamps

Sun lamps are a fantastic option for seniors who require additional vitamin D during the winter months when there isn’t a lot of natural sunlight. Researchers have found that using a sun lamp can help people sleep better and reduce symptoms of seasonal depression. Discuss the possible hazards and advantages of utilizing sunlamps with your loved one's doctor; only those that produce UVB radiation can help with vitamin D production.

How Caregivers from Visiting Angels of Benton Can Help

The in-home caregivers at Visiting Angels of Benton can provide the following methods for boosting your loved one's vitamin D levels:

  • Setting up a sun lamp and reminding your loved one to turn it off and on when needed
  • Preparing meals and snacks that are rich in vitamin D
  • Shopping for vitamin D-rich groceries
  • Reminding your loved one to take supplements

In contrast to other nearby home care organizations in the Benton region, Visiting Angels of Benton customizes care plans for each and every client. When you hire us, we'll make sure your loved one gets the care they need so they can go about their normal routine without any disruptions. Visiting Angels can help your loved one get the vitamin D they need and make aging in place more pleasant by accompanying them on a walk around the neighborhood during the day or grabbing them a glass of milk before bedtime.

Contact our Benton, AR, office to schedule a free in-home consultation today!

Serving Alexander, Benton, Bryant, Mabelvale and Surrounding Areas

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Serving Alexander, Benton, Bryant, Mabelvale and Surrounding Areas

Visiting Angels BENTON, AR
17724 Interstate 30 Suite 4 Office 14
Benton, AR 72019
Phone: 501-321-4900