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Transitional Care in Beverly Hills Reduces Hospital Readmissions
Transitional Care in Beverly Hills

Transitional Care in Beverly Hills Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Ready, Set, Go Home with Transitional Care

Seniors often need dedicated support as they transition from a hospital stay back to the home environment. At Visiting Angels® Beverly Hills & West Hollywood, we have a special care program to support these seniors and lower their risk of rehospitalization. Called Ready, Set, Go Home, this program includes the many types of support elderly adults need before, during, and after a hospital discharge.

Why is Transitional Care So Important For Seniors in Beverly Hills?

Transitional care can be crucial for the senior demographic because of the large number of older adults who are readmitted to the hospital shortly after being discharged. In fact, almost one in five Medicare beneficiaries are rehospitalized within the 30 days following their discharge, according to data from Medicare.

The reasons for this pattern are numerous. In some cases, seniors feel too exhausted after their hospital stay to care for themselves and take the follow-up steps outlined for them by their doctor. In other cases, elderly adults may be dealing with mobility issues or lingering symptoms that make it difficult for them to complete even basic tasks. Without the help of a care provider, the health and well-being of these individuals can quickly decline, requiring another stressful hospital stay and ultimately hindering their ability to age in place independently. 

How Transitional Care Can Help

Our approach to transitional care in Beverly Hills begins with help at the hospital. We discuss the senior's needs with their family and give them our Ready, Set, Go Home discharge planning guide. This process helps ensure there is a solid plan in place for the discharge day that includes input from the senior care recipient, their family, their healthcare providers, and our own transitional care coordinators.  

Once the senior makes their return home, they will have a helping hand with their daily routines and many aspects of the recovery process. We ensure our clients are matched with the right caregivers for the level of support they are projected to require. For example, caregivers can offer physical assistance during showering and dressing, reminders about taking medications, help with running errands and cooking, transportation to follow-up appointments, and more. 

You can learn more about our transitional care program for seniors in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Westwood, Century City, Brentwood, and nearby communities today. Contact Visiting Angels Beverly Hills & West Hollywood to get started with a no-cost care consultation!

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Transitional Care in Beverly Hills