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As Covid Restrictions Lift: 11 Tips for Seniors Receiving Home Care Assistance

As Covid Restrictions Lift: 11 Tips for Seniors Receiving Home Care Assistance

As Covid cases continue to drop throughout the Broomfield area, restrictions are lifting. For those with family members needing home care assistance they may be wondering: what is safe for my senior in home care? 

Two years ago the world stopped. We went into isolation. We socially distanced, sometimes restricting visiting our loved ones. We masked up. We got vaccinated. And now, life is starting to return to normal.

Many turned to home care assistance in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and Visiting Angels Broomfield took up the charge to protect the senior members of our community.

Now, according to Johns Hopkins Resource Center, covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have plummeted in Colorado since mid-January. These positive trends have led many local county health departments to drop mask mandates and other covid restrictions.

But is it too fast, too soon?

For some seniors and family members in our community, the answer may be yes. Here, we offer tips for maintaining healthy practices so that we can protect our seniors and help them thrive.

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Tips for keeping seniors in home care assistance safe

Below are our tips for seniors and their family members as health agencies in the Broomfield area begin to loosen covid restrictions. As always, refer to the CDC for official guidance and always check with your loved one’s doctors for specific recommendations on vaccinations, physical activities, and nutrition recommendations.

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider and your dentist

Since the start of the pandemic, many have postponed routine medical care, including dental appointments. These proactive measures can help prevent medical issues from escalating into more serious complications.

Check your weight and your nutrition

The average American has gained 29 pounds since the start of the pandemic, contributing to obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. By getting an accurate weight check you and your care team can make a plan of action to improve your senior’s general health and wellness.

Start working out again

If your senior has been avoiding the gym due to covid restrictions, it may be time to reconsider. Community recreation centers offer a variety of senior classes, including Silver Sneaker programs, gentle yoga classes, as well as a variety of virtual classes that can be done at home.

Get outdoors

One of the best ways to combat any illness is to get outside. A 2020 Forbes article states, “Hundreds of studies have linked spending time outside to better health outcomes like decreases in incidences of diabetes and cardio-vascular mortality, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and better immune system function.”

Visiting Angels caregivers can help your senior establish an outdoor routine, especially as the weather continues to warm up.

Take a Vitamin D supplement

Another preventative measure that is easy to implement is taking a Vitamin D supplement. Humans cannot synthesize their own vitamin D, and instead get it from the sun or through a supplement. Vitamin D has proven to aid in calcium absorption, immune function, and protecting bone, muscle, and heart health.

Continue to practice good hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene practices will be essential as we continue to deal with covid, flu, and common colds. Visiting Angels Broomfield can help your parent to maintain their hygiene at the highest level and assist with bathing, facial and oral care, handwashing, grooming and more.

Consider a therapist

The pandemic was a collective traumatic experience, especially for elderly populations who were isolated from family and friends for so long. Addressing mental health by talking to a therapist may help your loved one verbalize their experience and allow them to continue to heal.

Get vaccinated

This has been the battle cry of health experts for more than a year: get vaccinated. No matter what your political beliefs, the vaccine has proven to be the best defense against Covid-19, especially for seniors and those with comorbidities. In fact, the CDC reports that people 65 and older who received both doses of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines showed a 94% reduced risk of COVID-19 related hospitalization.

Get boosted

According to Yale Medicine, “It is normal for virus-fighting antibodies—such as those that are stimulated by a COVID-19 vaccine—to wane over time.”

They write that researchers monitor antibody levels in the blood to measure vaccine efficacy to ensure that protection remains high, but some studies have shown a decline in antibody levels after the second shot. The booster shot can raise those antibody levels, offering more protection.

Stay informed

As countries around the world begin to transition from treating Covid-19 as a pandemic to an endemic, similar to the flu, it is important to stay informed of seasonal spikes in infections in your area. 

When there are spikes in your area, wear a mask

When there are increases in cases, you and your senior may choose to wear a mask for additional protection indoors, even if your local health department does not require them.

If you want to continue social distancing, do so

There is no right or wrong way to transition into a world where covid is commonplace. If you and your senior decide that continuing to socially distance and masking are the best protection, you should feel comfortable doing so.

The Social Care program from Visiting Angels Broomfield helps seniors use social media, smartphones, emails and texting to connect with loved ones. A social care strategy may help friends and family respect your loved one’s health and safety boundaries while giving them a way to stay in touch.  To eliminate the risk of coronavirus, our caregivers can run errands and fetch groceries in your loved one’s stead. 

How Else Can Visiting Angels Broomfield Keep Your Loved One Safe?

To our elderly population seeking home care assistance, our caregivers remain committed to keeping your loved ones safe and secure. Besides helping your parent with a plethora of daily routines and activities, we provide other essential personal care services. We also offer specialized types of in-home care including Alzheimer’s care, fall prevention, end of life care, social care and more.

Serving Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn and the Northern Denver Suburbs

Visiting Angels BROOMFIELD, CO
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Serving Broomfield, Westminster, Northglenn and the Northern Denver Suburbs

Visiting Angels BROOMFIELD, CO
350 Interlocken Blvd #110
Broomfield, CO 80021
Phone: 303-650-2881
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