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How Professional Alzheimer’s Care Helps Seniors in the Central Coast Area of California

Professional Alzheimer’s care from Visiting Angels helps seniors in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz and Marina, CA remain at home while managing their symptoms

Since Alzheimer’s disease is chronic and progressive, affected individuals slowly but surely become totally dependent on their caregiver. While seniors with cognitive conditions usually receive care from close family members or relatives in the beginning, the advanced stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s require Alzheimer’s care provided by professionals.

How Does In-Home Care Help Seniors with Alzheimer’s?

Whether your family will choose to relocate your loved one in an assisted living facility or work with a caregiving agency that can provide adequate care at home is entirely up to you. However, bear in mind that allowing Mom or Dad to remain in familiar surroundings can have a positive effect on their well-being and even possibly slow down the progression of their condition, helping them stay lucid for longer.

At Visiting Angels Central Coast, our caregivers have years of experience under their belt to help your loved one with Alzheimer’s to continue living safely and independently, despite their condition.

Additionally, consider following these suggestions from Alzheimer’s care professionals to provide better care for your loved one:

  • Reduce stress – As with most diseases and illnesses, stress can worsen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and even quicken the pace of the condition, so you need to make sure your loved one is sheltered from any potential sources of stress, such as frequently changing their routines and surroundings or switching to a different Alzheimer’s care provider.
  • Establish routines – Keeping up with a well-established schedule can be beneficial for your loved one and help them get through the day. This can include everything from mealtime and recreational activities they enjoy to small bedtime rituals.
  • Provide reality orientation – Make sure to provide your loved one with some useful information on a daily basis to orient them. For example, tell them what day it is or what time it is and remind them what you are doing today.
  • Prevent fatigue – When taking your loved one for a walk or a day in nature, remember to take frequent breaks and allow Mom or Dad to go at their own pace to avoid exhaustion. Seniors with Alzheimer’s, especially in the later stages, often get easily confused and lose the ability to concentrate. If this happens, make sure to schedule longer breaks with less activity.
  • Adjust your loved one’s surroundings - When you plan to go out with your loved one, avoid bringing them to crowded places as this can get them confused and agitated. Opt for recreational parks and choose serene places with fewer visitors.
  • Patience – With cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s, you need to be patient with your loved one as much as you can. Don’t pressure them or be too demanding in any way as this can only add stress and make things worse for them.

If you are the only caregiver in your family, consider working with professional Alzheimer’s care providers from Visiting Angels Central Coast to help you with Mom or Dad. A trained, skilled caregiver can be a valuable asset and look after your loved one, prepare meals, run errands, provide medication reminders, companionship and much more.

Learn more about our memory care services by contacting our Scotts Valley, CA office today.

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