Palliative Care in Santa Cruz, CA from Visiting Angels Central Coast

Palliative care from Visiting Angels Central Coast helps seniors in Santa Cruz, CA get the comforting care they need at home

The main function of palliative services are to help relieve any pain that one might be having due to illness or injury so he or she may be more comfortable. If your loved one is suffering from a chronic condition, care is available in Santa Cruz, CA.

We understand that this isn’t the easiest time for you or your loved one, but with comforting in-home care, things will get better. The ultimate goal of palliative care from Visiting Angels Central Coast is to provide comfort to your loved one so that he or she may carry on living his or her life without having to be in constant pain.

Here are three important things to know when considering palliative services:

It Is Unlike Hospice Care

Many people often associate palliative care with hospice care, but the two are unlike one another. Even though they both provide comfort, they both aren’t focused one recovery.

Those who are receiving hospice care are terminal, meaning they don’t have much longer to live. For them, hospice care is just temporary relief from the suffering until they pass away. This is unlike palliative care, in which the expectation very well could be a full recovery.

It Meets Emotional Needs

It can be lonely and emotionally draining for your loved one if he or she lives alone in Santa Cruz. He or she may need more than just the physical aspects of palliative care.

While the medical professionals probably do a good job, they simply aren’t as equipped to handle emotional needs like caregivers are. Visiting Angels Central Coast caregivers can provide the compassionate care you are searching for.

Cost Is Usually Covered

The cost of care is usually covered by insurance companies, and usually at least partly covered by Medicare or Medicaid. This will typically cover home visits from a host of professionals, along with:

  • Therapy
  • Aides
  • Procedures
  • Equipment
  • Inpatient care
  • Prescriptions
  • Counseling

Your loved one may be eligible for palliative care in Santa Cruz if he or she has Medicare Part A. If Part B is what your loved one has, it may cover equipment and services. Medicaid may cover treatment and medicine, along with doctor visits. Visiting Angels services are not typically covered by insurance, and this may vary by provider.

If you have more questions about our palliative care, contact Visiting Angels in Scotts Valley, CA for your free in home assessment.

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