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Take Advantage of This Month of Love and Gratitude; Here’s How to Show Your Love this February.

Heart-engraved lock with keyValentine’s Day anchors an otherwise challenging month. Valentine’s Day offers a joyful invitation, an annual opportunity to show our love to friends, family members, neighbors and caregivers. Don’t feel like you have to restrict your appreciation to just that one day; the entire month is fair game for sharing your affection and appreciation with those in your circle.

Winter is a contemplative season; it’s also a season of chilly temperatures and short days. It’s a great time to get and to give little pick-me-ups. Take advantage of this month of love and gratitude; here’s how to show your love this February.

Give the Good Straws

We all know that there can be straws that break a camel’s back - those small challenges that make an already heavy load harder to carry. But the opposite can also be true. There can be good straws – the tiny assists that help lighten that camel’s load. Notice those tiny assists, and share the good straws.

You know how your caregiver always heats up the car so the seats are warm when you get in? That’s a good straw. Getting to and from the doctor is hard, but your caregiver knows how to lighten that load a bit.

Those little acts of love, care and generosity are worthy of calling out this February. Make a list of them and include it in a thank you note to your caregiver. It’s nice to get a thank you note - it’s extra nice to know why you’re appreciated.

Examples of good straws:

“It’s such a luxury how you wake me up with a hot cup of tea.”

“I appreciate how you always bring me soup that’s just the right temperature.”

“I love it when you read to me in the waiting room.”

Share Your Insights

If your Visiting Angels Caregiver is top notch, let us know. We love to hear about all the great work our caregivers are doing. We’re thrilled to hear about it when our clients our happy, and when you call us to give us the specifics about why your caregiver is outstanding, we can share that feedback with him or her. We always want to keep refining our process for offering great care to our clients, and we listen to and use the feedback that we get.

Give a Treat

If you’re a gift giver, you may want to give a treat to show your love and appreciation. Make some cookies. Buy some candy hearts or kisses and use your creativity to package it beautifully. It’s lovely to be thought of and to feel appreciated, especially during the month of February!

Thoughtful Gestures

What we do to show our love matters. If you prefer a more subtle approach, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation and affection by doing nice things for those you care about. Save the coveted seat by the window for your friend. Have your caregiver’s favorite iced coffee in the fridge when she stops by for a visit. Pick up a copy of a book you know your neighbor wants to read the next time you’re at the library. Showing our love doesn’t have to be a big, over-the-top gesture. It’s nice to be cared for, remembered and considered. Your friends and family will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Share Your Feelings

Tell your caregiver that you appreciate him and that you think he’s great at his job. Thank him for his work. Make sure he knows how much he means to you. Tell your daughter that you’re so proud and you’re impressed with the woman she’s grown into. Celebrate the people in your life. Honor them this February, since you have the excuse to do so. Share your feelings and let your circle know just how much they mean to you. It feels good on both sides. Happy February!

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