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How In-Home Elderly Care from Visiting Angels Denver Can Help Seniors Avoid the Nine Most Common In-Home Safety Hazards

Our elderly care providers are committed to helping seniors in Wheat Ridge, Denver, Golden and surrounding areas in CO stay safe

If aging-in-place is the right choice for your senior loved one, ensuring their home is free of common household safety risks is a critical part. Unfortunately, some in-home safety hazards are overlooked by family caregivers. According to, “Falls, burns, and poisonings are among the most common accidents involving older people.”

Here are nine safety risks our elderly care providers commonly encounter in homes of seniors and how we can help your loved one stay safe:

Rugs that Slip and Slide

Anti-slip rug pads and anti-skid tape can prevent carpets and rugs from sliding out from under your senior’s feet and causing a serious fall. Also, non-slip backing may prevent carpets and rugs from bunching up or becoming loose and causing a tripping hazard, which is important if your senior uses a walker or cane.

Unhealthy Diet

Adequate nutrition is an integral part of your senior loved one’s health and wellness. Eating unhealthy food, not eating enough and an inability to safely prepare healthy meals are some common problems that prevent good nutrition. At Visiting Angels Denver, our elderly care experts can help by shopping for and preparing nutritious meals, managing food inventory and ensuring your aging parent or relative eats regular meals.

Faulty Appliances

Outdated appliances that aren’t in good working condition can cause problems. A malfunctioning furnace could lead to an overly warm or chilly house. A faulty stove or oven can result in undercooked or burnt food. Old appliances can be fire hazards. Your loved one’s in-home care provider from Visiting Angels Denver can make sure appliances are functioning correctly and let you know of problems.

Pets Underfoot

Although cats and dogs can provide love and companionship for older adults, they can be a hazard when underfoot. All pets should be vaccinated and house-trained. An elderly care provider from Visiting Angels Denver can make sure they are fed and cared for properly.


Clutter in high-traffic areas can present a significant fall risk for older adults. It’s essential to clear all walking paths. Kitchen countertops and other surfaces should also be free of clutter such as dishes, pots and pans and mail. Home care providers from Visiting Angels Denver can lessen clutter and help your loved one avoid a serious household accident.

Lack of Bathroom Safety Gear

A bathroom designed for senior safety is essential. Lack of grab bars, elevated toilet seats, shower seating and non-slip bathmats can increase your loved one’s fall risk. At Visiting Angels Denver, our in-home elderly care providers are trained to look for household risks and provide bathroom safety tips.

Cords and Tubing

Long appliance cords and oxygen or IV tubing can pose tripping hazards for older adults. Using power strips or extension cords can cause an electrical overload increasing the chances of a power outage or fire. A trained Visiting Angels Denver caregiver can observe and address these hazards before they cause serious harm.

Unsafe Home Heating

Using your stove, oven or grill to heat your home can emit carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that you cannot see or smell. Install carbon monoxide detectors near all bedrooms; remember to test and replace the battery twice a year.


Keep pills in their original bottles so you don’t confuse medications. Ask your pharmacist for large-print labels so they’re easier to read, and always take medication in a well-lit room. Use a weekly or monthly pill organizer if needed. Bring all your pill bottles with you to medical appointments to ensure you’re taking them correctly. If your loved one needs reminders to take their medication when needed, our caregivers can provide the support they need.


To learn how our elderly care providers can help your loved one safely age in place, contact our Wheat Ridge, CO office at 303-990-8148.

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Serving Central Denver, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada, Lakewood and the Western Suburbs

Visiting Angels Wheat Ridge, CO
4251 Kipling St #535A
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: 303-232-9999