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Having The Conversation With Your Parent About Home Care

If you think it may be time to bring a professional caregiver into your parents’ home, it is important to have meaningful conversations about home care

Hiring a home care provider is one of those major life decisions many families struggle with. If you have noticed your mom or dad struggling to take care of themselves, including keeping a neat home, getting to appointments, and remembering to take medications, it’s time to have a conversation about in-home care.

Having lived a life of independence and autonomy, it might be difficult for your parent to accept professional living assistance. It can even more of a challenge for parents to take advice or follow the wishes of their children. After all, your parents have spent their lives caring for you and being the strong leader within the family. When it is time for you and your siblings to care for Mom and Dad, it is important to value their preferences and find the best care solution for them.

Starting the conversation about home care early, while your parents are well enough to participate and express their opinions is ideal. Consider these four strategies when approaching the subject of senior care with your mom or dad:

Show compassion

Being empathetic and compassionate towards your parent’s situation can go a long way. They are experiencing a loss of independence and uncertainty that they have never experienced before. Not only are they unable to perform daily tasks and activities without a struggle, but now they also have to deal with hiring a caregiver. They may have also been thinking about many things – “Is it possible for things to get better, or will I never again be able to perform everyday tasks without help? Will I like a caregiver?”, etc.

When starting the conversation, be mindful and compassionate. Let your parent talk about their fears and concerns. Make sure to let them know that you only want what is best with them. Making care decision together and planning for the future helps keeps your parent involved in their well-being and more satisfied with the outcome.

Find the perfect place

Since hiring a caregiver is very important for your parent and you, the conversation about it must be face to face. So, if you don’t live in the same city, your priority should be to come home ASAP. And rather than just staying overnight and getting back to work the next day, take a few days off to be with your parent if possible. The conversation about home care may not be resolved in one sitting, especially if your parent is particularly adverse to the idea f bringing a caregiver into their home.

Where should the conversation take place? It depends on where your parent feels comfortable and safe. Regardless of place, just be natural and caring – you don’t want to make it look like a business meeting. Try to limit the number of people involved in the conversation, as you don’t want your parent to feel as though they are being attacked.

Be a careful listener

From your point of view, hiring a home care provider is the best way to ensure your parent the care and protection they need. However, don’t think that your parent will agree with that straight away.

Let your parent open up about their concerns and fears, and only when they finished expressing the feelings, you can share your thoughts with them.

Show that you understand your parent and you’re there for them. Explain why you think in-home care is the best option for them, highlighting aspects that resolve their issues. If your parent is concerned about losing independence, explain how they can remain in their homes, make decisions about their routine, and participate in social activities as they wish. Unlike a nursing home or assisted living facility, in-home senior care allows adults to age in place and on their own terms.

Keep Checking in

When starting with care services, make sure your parent is an active participant in the development of a care plan. You and your parent can meet with the home care providers to discuss what services are needed, how often care will be provided, and set any other expectations.

Also, know that it takes time for your parent and caregiver to develop a good relationship. That’s why you need to talk with your parent whenever you can and make sure they are happy with their care. Providing feedback to your senior care provider helps them provide the best care possible. Continue the conversation and open communication throughout the care process.

Sometimes, some members of the family would struggle with the decision to hire a home care professional. Visiting Angels care help. We’ve supported families throughout the home care process for many years and understand what you are going through. Whether you are just beginning to research home care options or are ready to meet with a care coordinator, contact our office today.

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