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Useful Tips To Keep Your Loved One Safe During The Winter

For seniors in Wheat Ridge, CO who need a little extra support with living independently, proactive living assistance can help them stay safe in inclement weather

While winter truly is a season to be merry and rejoice for many reasons, it can also bring a number of challenges and difficulties, especially for independently living seniors requiring living assistance in Wheat Ridge, CO. Falls are one of the biggest health risks for seniors during the winter. However, the good news is that the following winter safety tips from Visiting Angels of Denver can help you ensure your loved one stays healthy and safe in the upcoming winter months.

Stay on Top of Weather Forecasts

If you are a family caregiver providing living assistance for a loved one, it might be a good idea to inform them about the weather forecast and temperatures each day. Freezing temperatures often form slippery ice on patios, sidewalks, and driveways, which can cause nasty falls and injuries. Update Mom or Dad on the weather conditions every time they plan to leave the house and accompany them whenever you can. This simple routine can enable your loved one to practice proper winter safety outdoors.

Keep Loved Ones Warm

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most seniors produce lower body heat due to a slower metabolism. This means Mom or Dad might need more layers of clothes to keep them warm during the winter, especially when going out. Remind your loved one to dress warmly and in layers, wear insulating boots, a scarf, hat, and pair of gloves or mittens. Proper insulation is even more important for older adults who live in cooler climates such as Colorado.

Help Seniors Get Proper Nutrition

As hazardous and slippery winter weather conditions can make aging adults more prone to falling, it is very important that seniors do whatever they can to keep their bones strong and healthy. One of the best ways to achieve this is by consistently taking vitamins and supplements. You can help by reminding your loved one to take their daily supplements when coming over to provide living assistance or you can do it over the phone when you cannot visit them.

Prepare for Emergencies

Even with every precaution taken, slips and falls still pose a considerable health risk for seniors. For this reason, you might want to develop a detailed emergency backup plan should your loved one happen to fall and injure themselves. Discuss all possible scenarios together and outline a practical plan for any situation that comes to mind. This way, when anything unexpected occurs, both you and your senior loved one will know how to react.

Without question, winter is one of the most challenging seasons for independent older adults, so these winter safety measures should be taken seriously. Fortunately, most of these challenges can easily be avoided with proper preparation. These safety tips can help Mom or Dad stay safe this winter.

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