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Easy Brain-Stimulating Activities for Seniors in Eldersburg, MD and Surrounding Areas

It’s important for everyone to stay mentally sharp, especially for seniors. Adults over the age of 65 are at a greater risk of cognitive decline. Not only can the risk of having a stroke, dementia or memory impairment increase with age, but seniors are also more likely to isolate themselves and not engage in social activities due to age-related issues, which can negatively impact brain health.

At Visiting Angels Eldersburg, when providing home care for seniors, we believe in caring for the client as a whole. We not only focus on physical health, but mental and emotional health, as well. That’s why as we care for elderly adults in Eldersburg, Westminster, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Randallstown and surrounding Maryland communities, our caregivers find ways to engage them in activities that are not only fun, but also stimulate their brain and reduce the likelihood of cognitive decline.

If you’re worried about your loved one’s cognitive health, here are some fun and simple activities to help them stay sharp.

Learning Something New

Learning new things can improve your loved one’s mental acuity in so many ways. Since your brain continues to grow even as you age, picking up new information on topics or learning a new skill can compensate for age-related cognitive decline. Being dedicated to learning new information can even help stave off dementia, according to The American Society for Aging.

There are so many opportunities for your loved one to learn new information. For example, their local senior center may offer classes that help members learn new skills or topics that they never knew about before (it will also give your loved one a chance to socialize with other seniors in their community). Local libraries are not only full of reading material on a variety of topics, but some libraries will also offer classes and seminars that your loved one will enjoy. Even if your loved one is housebound, there are a variety of apps and online classes available that can help them learn a new language, a new skill, new information on a topic they’re already interested in and so much more.

Challenge Them

According to Harvard Med, the best kind of brain-stimulating activities are ones that are difficult, complicated and involve a lot of practice. That’s because these activities require seniors to try something new (or a new approach to something they already know), require a mix of thought processes like problem-solving and creative thinking and require the same task to be done over and over, which helps seniors commit it to memory.

When spending time with your loved one, consider playing a board game or a card game that will help stimulate their brain. You could also encourage them to engage in creative pursuits like painting, learning a new instrument or simply listening to music. If your loved one is more physically active, a new exercise routine can help improve their physical and cognitive health.

Even when your loved one spends the day on their own, there are so many activities that can help them stay sharp. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku can help challenge themselves mentally, while reading can help them learn something new.

Stay Healthy

For seniors, staying physically healthy can also decrease cognitive decline and slow down memory loss. Encourage your loved one to maintain a routine that helps them stay physically active. For example, they could take a stroll at their local park every morning or follow a workout video. Even gentle exercise can raise their pulse and get more blood flowing to the brain.

In addition, a balanced diet can help your loved one stay sharp. Not only can certain foods like strawberries and peppers help slow down cognitive decline, but it also gives your loved one an opportunity to learn new recipes and try new dishes.


Staying socially active can not only improve a senior’s emotional health, but it can also help them stay mentally sharp. One study found that the risk of cognitive decline decreased by about 70 percent for seniors who were socially active. However, being social can be difficult if your loved one has age-related mobility issues that make it challenging to go out and engage with friends and family, are unable to drive themselves to social gatherings due to vision impairment or forget certain events due to memory loss.

It's important for you and your family to check in on your loved one as often as possible. For example, after work, you could call your loved one and ask how their day was. Occasional visits can also help your loved one spend quality time with those they care about. Social media is also a great way to have a conversation with your loved one from a distance.

How Can Home Care from Visiting Angels Eldersburg Help My Senior Loved One Stay Sharp?

If you’re looking for a professional caregiver to help your loved one stimulate their brain, Visiting Angels Eldersburg can help. Our team can encourage your loved one to engage in activities that are not only fun, but also help seniors stay mentally active.

Some of the ways we can help your loved one include:

  • Providing meaningful companionship and conversation to fulfill their need for social interaction
  • Driving them to and from classes so they can learn something new
  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Accompanying them on daily strolls
  • Helping them learn how to use social media and other digital tools to stay in touch with friends and family through our Social Care program

With in-home care from Visiting Angels Eldersburg, you can have peace of mind knowing someone is there to care for your loved one and ensure they stay engaged in activities that keep them sharp.

Call Visiting Angels Eldersburg at 410-324-6347 to schedule a free in-home consultation today!

Serving Eldersburg, Westminster, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Randallstown and Surrounding Areas in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland

6505 Ridenour Way E #1B
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-324-6347

Serving Eldersburg, Westminster, Baltimore, Columbia, Ellicott City, Randallstown and Surrounding Areas in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland

6505 Ridenour Way E #1B
Eldersburg, MD 21784
Phone: 410-324-6347
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