Visiting Angels El Dorado, CA Reviews

The reviews and testimonials about Visiting Angels are an important way for us to receive feedback so we can be assured our caregivers are providing the best possible home care and take action where needed. We'd like to thank those who so readily share their home care reviews and share some of them with the public. Here is just a small sample of some of the reviews we've gotten for Visiting Angels.


"The caregiver that comes in is perfect for my mom. Before I even leave the house, they are talking and laughing. I would tell a friend that I have had a really good experience with Visiting Angels. "

- Mary S. June 2019


"They are friendly, and I can talk to them about anything."

- Marilyn M. June 2019


"She was very kind and empathetic. She took time to listen to me. I had no one to talk to. I'm stuck in a room all day. She was very kind, and I loved her very much."

- Rachael B. June 2019


"They were cooperative, and they did just about anything I asked them to. It was good!"

- Susan M. June 2019


"She is very dependable, encouraging, and is always there for me."

- Lucy L. June 2019


"The wonderful caregiver is fantastic. She vacuums, cleans, helps me fold the clothes, and does the wash. She is always happy and cheerful. There is nothing they can improve on because they are perfect!"

- Charlotte G. June 2019


"The girls that come see to really care for my mom. I do not have to give my mom a shower, change sheets, or change the laundry because they take care of her."

- Janice E. June 2019


"I like that she communicates with me so that I know my mom is being taken care of correctly. She is also able to communicate with my mom. She's sensitive to what I need in order for my mother to feel safe. It makes my mom feel like she is really running her own life even though she has Alzheimer's."

- Luella L. May 2019


"The helped me a lot because I couldn't bend certain ways. The person they sent was very helpful, and the caregiver was a nice person. The overall performance was very good. The caregiver was a hard worker."

- Anonymous May 2019


"The caregivers are understanding, compassionate and willing to help. She goes out of her way to do things for us. The caregiver has truly been an angel."

- Karl G. Nov. 2018


"The caregiver shows compassion because I do not need to ask her what to do; she knows what to do without question."

- Caroline S. Nov. 2018


"She shows up on time, is eager to help, does not shy away from doing things, and is willing to offer assistance with anything."

- Denise C. Nov. 2018


"The office staff works as a team in their communication and goes above and beyond in their call of duty."

- Stan D. Nov. 2018


"They helped take care of him, which freed me up so I could have a life."

- Tracey L. 2018


"It allowed me to know that he was in hands of someone who could observe changes in his behavior. The Visiting Angel was outstanding."

- Pat S. October 2018


"The little things she does shows compassion. She makes sure my mom has lipstick on, blow dry’s her hair, makes sure they have fresh water available, and makes sure she gets fresh air."

- Kathy W. October 2018


"The services give me peace of mind."

- Bob C. October 2018


"I think they really listened to the kind of care I thought my mom needed, and they matched her with someone who has the s kills needed to provide that care."

- Deanna W. September 2018


"I recommend Visiting Angels. There is peace of mind knowing that there is a capable person taking care of my loved one. It allows me to go to work."

- Gaylen J. September 2018


"They are compassionate, understanding, and able to listen to recommendations. They are knowledgeable about my mother’s medical needs."

- Bob B. September 2018


"I thought that they had standards that were high, and they did a good screening evaluation of their employees."

- Billie B. September 2018


"It has given me my life back and freed me up for several hours a day to focus on me."

- Cindy J. September 2018


"We liked the initial appointment to assess the needs. There were two people that came out, and the questions they asked showed that they had a lot of experience."

- Donald Z. September 2018


"They help her go to the bathroom at night, they make sure she doesn’t fall, and they give her medication that I have laid out for her. It has helped me sleep, and it has kept her safe from falling. "

- Jeannette M. September 2018


"When we were faced with finding care for our 90 year old aunt, we were so fortunate to find the Visiting Angels. The Angels are fierce advocates for my aunt. They keep her safe, provide great meals, drive her, and notice / document when her condition changes. It is so reassuring to have updates and assessments especially since I live out of town. The Angels now feel like part of the family for my aunt. When looking for care in the home, I wholehearted recommend this agency. They have been a godsend."

- Bonnie H., Niwot, CO


"The Visiting Angels are a pleasure to have in our house. They are very friendly and caring and you have the feeling that you have known them for a very long time. My father is 97 years old and we are at peace when we go out for a day."

- David B., Somerset, CA


"We feel very fortunate to have the services of the Visiting Angels."

- Jackie L., Cameron Park, CA


"Wonderful – Thoughtful – Loving. What more can we say."

- Margaret S., Cameron Park, CA


"I have told several people how good the Angels are with my wife. I would recommend them to people that need the help with a loved one."

- James P., Placerville, CA


"The Angels have been so very helpful to me, full of patience when answering my sometimes ignorant questions. Peggy is efficient and finishes the care with a lot more patience and ease than anyone else I’ve had. She handles Joe with patience and humor and some days that is a chore! She’s become a friend to both of us and sees things that need to be done without reminders."

- Liz B., Diamond Springs


"Your girls, Renee and Robin were very nice and did their job very well. They both had good manners and were pleasant."

- Mary M., El Dorado Hills, CA


"I’ve used Visiting Angels in San Jose, CA and here in El Dorado Hills and I’ve been very satisfied with their screening of personnel and their interest in giving great service and knowing their clients’ needs.” On a 10 point scale – Robin is a 12!!! Does this show our satisfaction?!"

- Chuck A., Elk Grove, CA


"My association with Visiting Angels was very positive. The caregiver was very responsible, attentive, and easy to be with; a sweet and loving person. In view of bad experiences with other agencies I felt very secure with the care from Visiting Angels. Thank you."

- Andrea R., Elk Grove, CA


"My terminally ill wife loved and hugged her two Visiting Angels and thanked them for their excellent care every day for six months until her passing."

- Bob L., Elk Grove, CA


"The caregivers are the best – kind, considerate and loving."

- Anita S., Cameron Park, CA


""They are easy to work with. I appreciate their patience and having a good attitude." "

- Bernard A. Dec. 2019


""My husband and I are able to have a life because of Visiting Angels. We know that mom is being cared for in a professional way. I like how personalized it is, meaning how often they reach out and fulfill the service I am wanting." "

- Essie W. Dec. 2019


""They give good, quality care. My caregiver is very likable, and we get along fine. I am very satisfied." "

- Lucy L Dec. 2019


"" They are what I needed. I have been using them for many years in another city and I love this company." "

- Dr. C Dec. 2019


"" The caregiver I've had does a really good job and an excellent job with my husband when he was alive. We visit with each other. She does my housecleaning and we go for walks and such. They are always there when I call, and I was good friends with someone there too." "

- Marilyn M. Dec. 2019


""My caregiver is a lovely person. Her personality is wonderful. She is always ready to help and is always there for me." "

- Lillian H. Nov. 2019


""They came recommend to me, and they have been very accommodating for my mother's needs and for our budget. They give us peace of mind.""

- Gerda B. Oct. 2019


"" I am very satisfied, and they did what they said they would do. They make me more comfortable. They make life a lot easier for me.""

- Alan S. Sept. 2019


"" I can't take my mother to places anymore, so the services allow me to run errands and go to appointments. They've given me a lot of freedom. I appreciate that they come in and feel at home. They make me feel comfortable leaving my mother with them.""

- Lois S. Aug. 2019


""It allows me to do things I need to do at work and know that someone is home with my wife. It gives me peace of mind. I like that they are prompt, and they come at the time they're supposed to. They keep my wife company, talk to her and get her everything she needs.""

- Bob C. 2019

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