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Making the Most of a Social Distancing Visit

As stay-at-home orders begin to expire and we slowly resume our pre-pandemic lives, many families are longing to get together again. Whether you’re a grandparent who has been isolated from your grandchildren, or an adult child who has been keeping a safe distance from your aging parents, a family reunion can be a breath of fresh air after spending weeks apart. Yet, as you contemplate a get-together, it’s important to keep in mind that seniors are still at risk for COVID-19. It’s also critical to remember that someone can be asymptotic and unknowingly transfer the virus to a vulnerable person. Senior couple having a picnic together

If you’re itching to see your family and loved ones, a social distancing visit may be the best option for you right now. Maintaining proper social distancing keeps everyone safe and healthy, while allowing families to spend quality time together. As always, it’s important to adhere to the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Keeping those recommendations in mind, here are a few fun ways to make the most of a social distancing visit with your aging loved ones.

Visit Outdoors

The best place to gather together initially is in the backyard. Select a family with a larger outdoor property so that everyone can visit from a safe distance. Limit the number of people if you don’t have enough outdoor space for everyone. Outdoor visits provide younger kids a safe space to burn off energy, while the adults and seniors have a chance to visit in person. Keep sun safety in mind, providing shady places for seniors to sit.

Set Clear Boundaries

It can be challenging to know exactly what six feet apart looks like. Before the visit, arrange outdoor furniture so that there’s adequate space between family units. Disinfect surfaces you touch and label seating arrangements appropriately. Mark clear boundaries using sidewalk chalk or lawn paint. This can be especially helpful for younger kids who don’t always understand the importance of staying away. Take time to explain to younger children why you can’t hug grandma or grandpa right now, explaining that it’s not because they did anything wrong, but because you want to keep everyone safe.

Enjoy a Picnic

Make the most of your time outdoors by hosting an outdoor picnic. Support a local restaurant business by placing a delivery order or invite family units to bring their own picnic lunch. Avoid serving buffet style to prevent cross-contamination between family units. If you’re gathering in the late afternoon or evening, consider hosting a bonfire. Safely prepackage s’mores beforehand and distribute so that families can make a delicious treat while catching up.

Adapt Backyard Games

It’s possible to play your favorite backyard games, you just need to adapt the rules. If you enjoy the game of cornhole, you can adapt by placing the two boards a little over six feet apart, facing the same direction. Then, mark off a boundary line where players stand to toss the bean bags. Give each family unit one set of bean bags that they will toss toward their own board. Players toss bags alternately, aiming for their own board. Keep score or modify the rules of the game accordingly. Other options include setting up a few obstacle courses that younger kids can compete against one another. Arrange identical obstacle courses per family unit, or one larger course if it’s just your family visiting with your aging parents. Grandparents will get a kick out of watching their grandkids compete. For a more relaxed visit, get out the sidewalk chalk and designate sections of the driveway or sidewalk that seniors, adults, and children can color.

Celebrate a Milestone Event

Many families are grieving the various missed milestones because of COVID-19. Whether it’s your teenaged senior’s prom or graduation, a collegiate graduation, a new baby’s birth, or baptism, or a golden or diamond anniversary, your family likely has had to put a milestone event on hold. Although the larger event may have been cancelled or postponed, it doesn’t mean that your family cannot celebrate the special occasion. Host a celebratory event in honor of the missed milestone. Did your senior miss their prom or graduation? Decorate the backyard and host the event with your family. Encourage your senior to don their formal wear or cap and gown. You can do the same with any college graduates that have had their ceremonies postponed. Celebrate new births in the family with a family blessing event. Recreate your aging parents’ wedding reception to honor their milestone anniversary. These life events deserve recognition and can lift everyone’s spirits, especially in light of a global pandemic.

As our state and country slowly returns to a new normal, it’s possible that COVID-19 will linger for some time. How prepared are you to continue to care for your aging parents? Could you use a little help so that you can get your own life back in order as you return to work or help your kids with their education? Visiting Angles Fort Worth is here for you. We offer a variety of senior home care services that help seniors stay safe and independent in the comfort of their own homes. We are ready and able to lend a hand so that you can take a much-deserved break. To learn more about our amazing senior home care services, please contact us today by calling 817-877-1616.

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