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Companion Care Services in Glendora

Companion Care Services in Glendora

provider of companion care services in Glendora assisting elderly patient down stairs

How Companionship Affects Health

As our loved ones get older, they may struggle with physical tasks like housekeeping or running errands. But it's especially likely that they're grappling with some form of social isolation. For seniors, isolation is increasingly common, and it can take a significant toll on health and well-being. It's one of the many reasons Visiting Angels® Glendora offers companion care services.  

Here's why companionship is so important, especially as we get older. 

How Companionship and Health Are Interconnected 

For seniors in the Glendora area and surrounding communities, regular caregiver visits can be a great way to ensure seniors have the support they need. Companionship can improve overall health outcomes while offering comfort and social contact. Here's how it helps: 

  • Social contact boosts our moods. Humans are immensely social by nature, and our brains respond right away when we interact with others. Social contact activates hormones like dopamine, which produce happiness and comfort, and can ease feelings of anxiety, stress, or even pain. For seniors who are at greater risk of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, frequent and reliable companionship can be integral.
  • Interaction improves cognition. The mind needs regular activity to stay alert and focused, and connecting with others is a big part of that. When we have conversations or interact with other people, it means using mental skills like perception, attention, and memory. For seniors, companion care services and other forms of social interaction can reduce the potential for cognitive concerns. 
  • Companionship keeps us active. When we spend time with others, it's easier to stay physically active, too. It gives us the chance to get up and move around. It can even decrease the risk of physical health problems like heart disease or Type 2 diabetes. Maintaining some level of physical activity can get harder as we get older—and for seniors, having others around is the perfect way to stay moving. 

Schedule Compassionate Care For Your Loved One 

If you're concerned about an older family member, we make it easy to set up companion care services. Our caregivers offer support to seniors in: 

We're dedicated to easing the physical, mental, and emotional challenges that seniors face every day. With ongoing caregiver visits, you can always ensure your loved one has someone to look after them.

Schedule an assessment for companion care services today. Just call Visiting Angels Glendora, and our care team can help. 

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