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Dementia Care in Duarte

Dementia Care in Duarte

Provider of dementia care in Duarte hugging elderly patient

Why Are They Asking To Go Home?

If you've been providing dementia care for a loved one, there may come a time when they ask to go home, even when they're already at home. At Visiting Angels® Glendora, we provide support for seniors with dementia in Duarte and the surrounding communities. We know how common this request can be. 

If you're dealing with a similar situation, here's a quick primer.  

What To Know When A Loved One Asks To Go Home

Dementia care can come with a multitude of challenges, often due to the confusion faced by those with dementia. For family caregivers in Duarte and the surrounding areas, here's what you should know when a loved one asks to go home: 

  • Why are they asking? It will depend on the individual, but often those with dementia ask to go home when they're dealing with discomfort, pain, anxiety, confusion, or boredom. It's possible your loved one is experiencing time-shifting, where they're remembering a different time in life, or sun-downing, when they grow more confused later in the day. If possible, try to find out if there's a pattern. 
  • Don't they know they're already at home? This request can be particularly daunting to respond to when your loved one is already at home. They may not realize where they are—or they may be struggling to communicate what they're really feeling. Often, people with dementia ask to go home as a way of communicating uncertainty or disorientation. In this case, "home" might just mean a place of comfort.  
  • What's the right way to respond? Most importantly, react with kindness and reassurance. Don't get upset and don't try to explain. Use an even voice and light physical contact to steady them emotionally. You'll want to acknowledge the request, and perhaps even say you'll take them home. Then, try to steer their attention to another activity or subject, preferably one that relaxes them or gives them comfort.  

Compassionate Support From A Professional Caregiver 

For family caregivers, there comes a point when professional dementia care may be needed. In those situations, our agency is here to help. We provide support to family caregivers as well as seniors living alone in the following communities: 

  • Duarte
  • San Dimas
  • Monrovia 
  • Covina
  • And throughout the Glendora area

You don't have to handle dementia care alone. To learn more about our caregiver services in Duarte, schedule an assessment with Visiting Angels Glendora today. 

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