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Companion Care Services in Boerne

Companion Care Services in Boerne

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How Companionship Impacts Health

While independence can be very healthy for seniors, there is a fine line between personal autonomy and complete isolation. Being alone all the time is not good for anyone, and seniors are no different. The elderly are often at greater risk of depression, loneliness, and other severe emotional issues, so it's vital to make sure your loved one has enough support. With our companion care services, Visiting Angels® Boerne provides in-home care and companionship you can trust. 

We offer flexible care duties, convenient scheduling, and loving support from fully vetted senior care professionals. Our service will help your loved one remain at home for as long as possible, while providing them with a positive and compassionate person to chat with along the way. 

The Benefits of Our Companion Care Services in Boerne

Companionship from a trusted and reliable senior care professional can have many great benefits, including:

  • Emotional Support. We help to create a more positive home life where they are less at risk of loneliness and depression. 
  • Reduced Injury Risk. We minimize fall risk by providing home safety tips, mobility support and as much supervision as needed.  
  • A Sharper Mind. Staying in contact with other people on a daily basis is a great way for seniors to remain mentally nimble. 
  • Healthy Exercise. From customized exercise plans to accompanied walks and daily supervision, we make it easier for each senior to get the exercise they need. 

Companion Care Services For Your Loved One

When an elderly loved one feels isolated and alone, it can be very stressful for everyone in the family. Your natural reaction may be to drop everything in your life in order to be there for them and provide care. While this situation stems from noble intentions, it often leads to caregiver burnout. There are only so many hours in a day, and you can't expect to dedicate all of your time to another person without some negative effects on your own well-being. 

By choosing our companion care, you can make sure they have a kind and stable presence at all times. Our caregivers are wonderful people, so your loved one will look forward to their visits and enjoy these daily interactions. We proudly offer warm, loving, and attentive care for seniors in:

To discuss the benefits of our companion care services, contact Visiting Angels Boerne and schedule your care consultation today. 

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