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Characteristics of a Quality Professional Caregiver

Being a professional caregiver takes a special kind of personality. There is, of course, training needed to meet the requirements of the role. A care provider must also have other critical natural qualities that allow them to perform compassion. These qualities genuinely make the difference between an average care provider and superior home care providers


This article will show our readers what we at Visiting Angels of Hoboken believe to be the necessary characteristics needed to provide top-quality care to seniors.


A Wide Range of Talents 

A care provider from Visiting Angels of Hoboken must be able to person all job functions, including:

  • Preparing meals 
  • Attending to all safety needs, ensuring a safe environment for patients and care recipients 
  • Assisting clients, seniors, and care recipients with daily living activities 
  • Aid with ambulation or walking 
  • Light housekeeping tasks, cleaning, laundry, trash removal, tidying up 
  • Confidentiality, as per the wishes of the client 
  • Understanding and following through on all requirements for the care of your loved one 
  • Effective and compassionate communication with patients, family, coworkers, and all interested parties 


We also believe that beyond these essential job functions and responsibilities lies the real substance of the professional caregiver role: the role of the compassionate personal attendant. Visiting Angels caregivers have to go above and beyond to handle clients' day-to-day needs and respond appropriately to different situations; they must also demonstrate compassion, caring, and thoughtfulness. 


When you are around a care provider that shows these qualities, you can rest easy knowing that said care provider loves their job and does it with 100% effort. A caregiver should have a passion for helping others and be selfless when it comes to improving the life quality of others. Other exceptional care proving rates include: 

Commitment and Dedication

Those families that need home care should rely on their professional caregivers to be available when required and honor their commitments to carry out all job-related expectations. When individuals choose to bring in a home care provider for a loved one, they expect the provider to respect the situation and any hardships the family or client faces every day. 


Care providers should always be thinking of new and engaging activities to do with their clients. Caregivers should be actively looking for ways to improve their client's life quality or improve their situation. They should also be looking for ways to engage their elderly clients in tasks that can help them learn new skills. 


Caregivers should always exercise sound judgment and maintain clients' confidentiality-- unless a client is in danger. These professional caregivers find their job rewarding and love to provide invaluable services to clients in the home and the community. A quality caregiver is genuinely invaluable. 


Visiting Angels of Hoboken caregivers provide care in the client's home with a specialty tailored care plan created to meet the unique needs and services needed. Care plans are adjustable at any time to ensure that the client is constantly receiving proper care, even as their conditions change. 

See more about how to create a professional care plan for your elderly loved one


If you're interested in more information about how in-home care can help your senior loved ones, contact Visiting Angels of Hoboken today or call 201-389-7015.

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Serving Hoboken, Secaucus, Kearny, North Arlington and Other Hudson County Communities

Visiting Angels HOBOKEN, NJ
50 Harrison St #218
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-389-7015