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Hiring a Caregiver Agency in Shoreline

It can be difficult to accept that an aging parent or loved one needs assistance from a caregiver agency in the Shoreline, WA area. Relying on a caregiver may seem like a sacrifice in independence for seniors, and many families might not realize that their loved one is in need of care.

Often, families in the Shoreline area don’t know to look for help from a caregiver agency until it’s too late. A loved one may have already experienced a fall or other incident, or their health and living conditions may have already started to decline.

It’s important you monitor your loved one closely, looking for signs they could benefit from the help of a local home care agency like Visiting Angels® Kirkland. Being proactive about your loved one’s care will help them stay healthy and safe at home in Shoreline where they are most comfortable. An agency like Visiting Angels Kirkland could help. We have compassionate caregivers available when you need us.

Our Caregiver Agency in Shoreline: Signs Your Loved One Needs Help

Some of the most common signs that a loved one in the Shoreline area may need assistance from a caregiver agency include:

  • Weight Loss. If you notice your loved one losing weight, this could be a sign that they are having a hard time getting to the store to get the food they need, or else that they are having trouble preparing healthy meals.

  • A Decline in Personal Hygiene. Your loved one not showering or wearing the same clothes for several days could mean they need help with personal care like bathing and dressing.

  • Bruises and Cuts. Bruises and cuts may signal a balance or mobility problem that could lead to serious injuries due to falling.

  • A Decline in Home Maintenance. If your loved one’s usually-neat home is in disarray, and regular home maintenance duties like mowing the lawn and vacuuming are neglected, your loved one could benefit from a helping hand.

  • Caregiver Burn Out. If you find yourself emotionally and physically exhausted caring for a loved one, it may be time to look for extra help from a caregiver agency in the Shoreline area.

When deciding if your loved one could use help from a caregiver agency in the Shoreline, WA area, it’s important to remember your loved one might not ask for the help they need. Be vigilant about looking for warning signs and be persistent about getting your loved one assistance and support.

To learn more about hiring a caregiver agency in Shoreline, Ballard, Lake City, North Seattle, or the surrounding areas, Call Visiting Angels Kirkland today.

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