Senior male proudly stands next to American flag with female caregiver during the Fourth of July.

Celebrate 4th of July with In-Home Care Seniors

It’s July already, and that means family, friends, fireworks, and fun this 4th of July weekend. But for seniors who struggle with independent living, Independence Day can be a little bittersweet. For many seniors – in particular, those who require in-home care – age-related difficulties can get in the way of fully enjoying the holiday.

At Visiting Angels, we care as deeply about making our clients happy as we care about this great nation. We believe that all Americans should be able to fully enjoy the 4th of July, no matter their age or any difficulties that come with their golden years. Our caregivers help brighten Independence Day for our in-home care recipients every July. We would love to help you do the same for an elderly loved one in your life.

Below, you’ll find senior-friendly 4th of July tips and in-home activities from Larry Meigs, President and CEO of Visiting Angels and an expert in home care for seniors. Take advantage of these tips to make this 4th of July weekend a holiday to remember.

Beat the Independence Day Heat

Nothing says America quite like a backyard 4th of July celebration: friends and family, cold sodas and fresh-off-the-grill hot dogs, warm summer sun and fireworks bursting red, white, and blue. But as with any outdoor summer celebration, heat and sun exposure can add up – especially for seniors and in-home care recipients.

“Make sure elderly loved ones stay shaded and well hydrated whenever you’re have an outdoor summer celebration,” says Larry Meigs. “Also, be sure that they have a cool, air-conditioned area where they can go to for resting and cooling down.”

Make Seniors Comfortable

If you’re having an outdoor event, it’s important that elderly loved ones are able to feel comfortable. After all, even the most spry seniors can suffer from joint pain or exhaustion if they don’t have the chance to rest and relax a little bit.

“A strong, high-quality portable chair can be a godsend for seniors, especially those whose physical age-related difficulties require in-home care,” says Larry Meigs. “Be sure to have your loved one test his or her chair in advance for comfort and to keep it available for them throughout the event.”

In-Home Care 4th of July Activities

Some seniors simply don’t have the energy or strength for a long, outdoor 4th of July party. Others, such as those who require in-home care for memory disorders, might not feel comfortable in a busy, energetic, and disorienting setting.

“If your loved one can’t celebrate the 4th of July outdoors, there are numerous in-home care activities you can do on Independence Day and the days leading up to it that make seniors feel a part of the celebration,” says Larry Meigs. “For instance, you can watch classic movies or fireworks on TV, craft patriotic decorations, make 4th of July-themed snacks, or simply spend the day together sharing stories.”

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