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How Assisted Living Care Can Help Your Elderly Loved One

When people think of the word “caregiver”, the scenario that comes to mind is a mother or father caring for a child. But as time passes this role can reverse, with the child becoming responsible for an elderly parents needs. If the responsibility of caring for an older parent, relative, or loved one falls on your shoulders and you attend to the majority of their needs, assisted living care can provide supplementary care and relief.

Many older parents live alone, but if they suffer from health related problems or have difficulties with everyday tasks. Sometimes, a doctor may recommend they receive extra care or declare them unable to live by themselves. Children, who now have families of their own sometimes struggle with the responsibility of providing additional care for their loved ones but are reluctant or unwilling to send them to local elder care facilities. Assisted living care can provide resources and services that make it easier for caregivers to go about their daily activities but allow elderly loved ones to benefit from support and a structured environment. If you’re caring for an elderly relative, parent, or loved one, you no doubt have other responsibilities such as work, caring for children, and a busy schedule. Assisted living care workers can visit your home and serve as companions for a loved one, taking care of small tasks such as administering medications, driving, assisting with grocery shopping, cooking meals, and cleaning up. These services provide peace of mind to caregivers.

How Assisted Living Care Can Help a Family:

Lisa spends the majority of her time working for the government and caring for her husband, who suffers from a long-term illness. A while ago, she realized that her 86-year-old mother Mary was having some difficulty living on her own (she’d had several fall injuries) and Mary’s doctor recommended she get help and move in with Lisa. Lisa soon realized that her hectic schedule and husband’s needs made it difficult to provide the best care for Mary, but she was reluctant to place her in an adult day care center or community elder care center. She then found out about another solution—assisted living caregivers were available to visit Mary at her home several times a week, allowing Lisa time to care for her husband and enjoy free time and run errands. “It has been a great relief for when I need to go to work and can’t care for my mother. I’m very grateful for assisted living care services because I didn’t want to move her to a facility. She’ll stay at home with us because growing up, she was always there for me and I intend to be there for her.”

Anticipating relief from assisted living care services can be a lifesaver. Take the time to assess your needs and look into what assisted living care services can do for your family or loved ones. They’ll help you work together to ensure each other’s happiness.

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