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Caregiver support for seniors and family caregivers

When the Elderly Need Help, Who is Their “Natural Caregiver?”

It’s a natural, loving act for family members to step in when a loved one needs support, but there’s an important aspect of caregiving to consider. What impact does caregiving have on existing family relationships, and how can family caregivers receive the support they need?

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Home care words and phrases to help you make the right care decision.

Home Care Terminology: A Glossary for Caregivers

If you’re looking into home care for a senior loved one for the first time, you’ll probably encounter new and unfamiliar lingo as you research various care options. Although some terms are self-explanatory, others can be confusing, especially if they are used interchangeably or incorrectly. Before you get stuck in the “alphabet soup” of care jargon, check out this helpful glossary of home care terminology.

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Is it Time for Your Loved Ones to Leave Their Homes?

At this point, one of the biggest decisions families face is whether or not their loved one is still able to live at home. Families are often left wondering if it would be best for their loved one to move into a family member’s home, assisted living facility, or nursing home.

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Assisted Living Care Can Be Made Easy

By hiring a personal caregiver from Visiting Angels to assist your loved one, you can supplement the care they receive through assisted living, improve their quality of life, and enjoy greater peace of mind yourself.

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Palliative care services for the elderly

Find Comfort for Seniors with Palliative Care Services

We are committed to the happiness and well-being of every family in our care and have developed a suite of customized programs to assist seniors in any circumstance. This suite of programs is called Life Care Navigation,™ which covers a wide range of needs from assistance with Activities of Daily Living to specialized care for dementia to end of life care. Part of these offerings includes our Certified Palliative Care Program.

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Social Care Program Helps Seniors with Social Distancing During Coronavirus Pandemic

Social Care Program Helps Seniors Cope With Social Distancing

As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, social distancing continues to be recommended by medical experts across the globe to limit the spread of COVID-19. For older adults, social distancing can be more problematic for their physical and emotional well-being. Find out how our Social Care Program can help your senior parents and elderly family members remain happy and emotionally connected during the pandemic.

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