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Reducing Hospital Readmissions with At-Home Care

Reducing Hospital Readmissions with At-Home Care

At Visiting Angels, we recognize the concerns families have when a loved one is hospitalized. Not only are you concerned for their well-being and recovery, now you must consider if they need assistance when they return home. At-home care is one of the easiest ways to reduce hospital readmissions among the elderly.

Reducing hospital readmissions for seniors is a top priority for the team at Visiting Angels. It’s why we created our Ready-Set-Go Home program. With the Ready-Set-Go Home program, we work closely with families and health care workers to help seniors successfully transition home after a hospital stay. Our supportive, non-medical care helps to reduce hospital readmissions and encourages recovery through supportive care.

How We help Reduce Hospital Readmissions

How does the Ready-Set-Go-Home program work? It’s a three-stage approach that helps us address the needs of seniors starting out while they are still in the hospital and continuing throughout their at-home recovery.

In the Hospital
We start by providing helpful assistance while your loved one is still in the hospital. Along with hospital discharge managers and social workers, we can help guide your loved one and your family through the discharge process. We offer a discharge planning guide that has a range of helpful questions to ask about care at home and what to expect. In addition, we can prepare the home prior to discharge saving family’s valuable time and effort allowing them to have more quality time with their loved one. Knowing what to expect and understanding how recovery will continue at home is essential.

At Home
Once your loved one has been discharged, we help reduce hospital readmissions by providing supportive non-medical care in the home. Often the hardest part about transitioning home is all the daily activities that need to be completed. In addition to any post-hospital stay care, there are the regular homemaking duties waiting. We can help your loved one with laundry, cooking meals, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, mobility and a wide range of other activities to help them recover without additional stress. Having the extra help, and eyes, in the home can reduce the likelihood of falls and other physical setbacks that could result in a readmission.

One of our most valuable in-home care services is the assistance we provide getting your loved one to follow up appointments. Missed follow-up or therapy appointments can often lead to readmission. We’ll help your loved one to remember these appointments and help them get there on time.

At Your Local Office
At your local Visiting Angels office, there is support going on behind the scenes. The local Visiting Angels team will be there to help coordinate medication, equipment, and food deliveries if needed. Because we are focused on reducing hospital readmissions, we’ll also be on the look out for signs that your loved one is at risk for a return to the hospital. Our regular communication with family members is provides valuable information and support.

If you're interested in more information about how in-home care can help your senior loved ones, contact your nearest Visiting Angels office today or call 800-365-4189.
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