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Holidays are a Good Time to Look for Changes in Your Parents

Adult children of parents who are aging may not always look for changes that are happening to their parents, and often overlook them as they’re painful to see. In these instances, spouses may be the ones to prompt this conversation and point out something

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Isolation and Depression in the Elderly

We appear to work in a profession of solving problems – allowing elderly folks to remain in their own homes as they age. Some, and certainly not all, of these solutions include reducing the wondering/forgetful risks often associated with Alzheimer’s diseas

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Home Care as an Alternative to an Assisted Living Facility

Home care can be an excellent alternative to an assisted living facility for a patient who needs help with some of their daily tasks. A home care provider can assist with cooking, errands, housekeeping, hygiene, and more; and offers a flexible schedule to

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In Home Elder Care or In Home Services

At some point in life you may be faced with the challenge of providing elder care for a parent, spouse, or close friend. The active, self-sufficient person you have known for many years may slowly begin requiring additional help. Sometimes elder care givin

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